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De Monarchia

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(4,5 Sterne; 5 Bewertungen)

The De Monarchia is one of the main works by Dante Alighieri. It is a treatise on secular and religious power, and more specifically on the relationship between secular authority (represented by the Holy Roman Emperor) and religious authority (represented by the Pope). The work is composed of three books, in which Dante condemns the theocratic conception of the power elaborated by the Roman Church and defends that both the Pope and the Emperor derive their power from God, and, that being so, God gave to each power in one certain area of life, which means they should not interfere with each other's power and one should not be considered above the other. - Summary by Leni (3 hr 46 min)


Preface and Introduction


Read by Leni

Book I - Chapters I to IV (Introduction; To what end does government exist amon…


Read by Mickey T.

Book I - Chapters V to VIII (When several things are ordained for one end, one …


Read by Ashley

Book I - Chapters IX to XII (Men, as the sons of Heaven, should follow in the f…


Read by Algy Pug

Book I - Chapters XIII to XVI (He who is best adapted for ruling is the best di…


Read by Algy Pug

Book II - Chapters I to IV (Introduction; What God wills in human society is to…


Read by Ann Boulais

Book II - Chapters V to VIII (The Roman people in subduing the world had in vie…


Read by Ann Boulais

Book II - Chapters IX to XIII (The Romans were victorious over all contestants …


Read by Ann Boulais

Book III - Chapters I to IV (Introduction; God wills not that which is counter …


Read by Mary J

Book III - Chapters V to VIII (Argument from the precedence of Levi over Judah.…


Read by Algy Pug

Book III - Chapters IX to XII (Argument from the two swords.; Argument from the…


Read by Mary J

Book III - Chapters XIII to XVI (The authority of the Church is not the source …


Read by Algy Pug