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Save the Girls

Gelesen von Grant Hurlock

(4 Sterne; 3 Bewertungen)

Save the Girls is an 1880 American anti-white-slavery book by reformed gambler Mason Long. In it, the author crusades against the social evil of prostitution by presenting a series of pathetic portraits of young women from various social classes who are brought low by such temptations of city life as the theater, the racecourse, and street flirtations. Included are vignettes of vice like "The Evils of Dancing - Sad Results of a Public Ball," in which innocent Marie, out for a good time, falls prey to the type of 'sporting men' who prowl such events in search of a partner for more than just The Glide or the Boston Dip. - Summary by Grant Hurlock (4 hr 43 min)




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A Page from Real Life - Introductory


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The Principal Causes of the Social Evil


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The Evils of Dancing - Sad Results of a Public Ball


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A Lost Woman Saved Through her Mother's Love - How a Girl was Snatched From the…


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The Perils of Poverty - Pitfalls for the Working Girls - How They are Led to De…


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Some Temptations of City Life - The Theater - The Race Course - Street Flirtati…


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The Life of a Fallen Queen - From a Palace to an Alley, and then to an Insane A…


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Society Buying a Slave - The Fate of the Outcast - Fashionable Immorality - Mar…


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How to Save Our Erring Sisters - Duty of the Church - What has been Done in thi…


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