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Extracts from a Diary Kept by the Rev. R. Burrows during Heke's War in the Nort…

Gelesen von Phil Benson

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An eye-witness account of the so-called Flagstaff War, fought between Maori warriors, led by Hone Heke, and British troops between March 1845 and January 1846 in and around the Bay of Islands. Ostensibly triggered by the cutting down of the flagstaff above Kororareka (now Russell), Heke's attack on the town was a consequence of festering grievances following the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi and annexation of New Zealand by the British Crown in 1840. The Reverend Robert Burrows had charge of the mission station and school at Waimate, inland from the Bay of Islands. His day-by-day account paints a vivid picture of the conflict, in which his chosen role was to mediate between the two sides. - Summary by Phil Benson (3 hr 26 min)


Preface and Introduction


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3-26 March 1845


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27 March - 3 May 1845


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4-22 May 1845


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23 May - 30 June 1845


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1-14 July 1845


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15-22 July 1845


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1 November 1845 - 4 January 1846


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Conclusion and Reflections


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there is no such thing as a Latin X. Latin people are negro mix with Spanish negro.


(5 Sterne)

29 years ago this would be a classic. However today we are more enlightened and see the story for what it is; namely a work of an evil cis male cultural imperialist. All stories must have protagonist who are gay or nonbinary. The is sadly not the case here. This makes the story homophobix. Also, there is no depiction of the LatinX contribution to Maori culture. This makes it racyst. Story needs to be banned. We also need to find authors ancestors so we can ostracize them for being descendants of racyst homophobes. On a minor note, the story is inaccurate. Author creates a fantastical world where indigenous BIPOCs are fighting against a girl's school being set up by Christian missionaries. All historians today will tell you that BIPOCs are all about womxn education and liberation. It is actually the Christian missionaries who are notorious for destroying girl's schools. It amazes me that the old people who lived through history are so historically illeterate