Miss Buzby's Boarders

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Arthur Lewis Tubbs

Who knows what might be going on in Miss Buzby's boarding house, where she accepts (shudder!) theatrical types? - Summary by ToddHW Cast lis…

Mice and Men

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Madeleine Lucette Ryley

No, not the famous “Of Mice and Men” you’re thinking of. Instead, we have a sweet romantic comedy that tells the story of a bachelor, Mr. E…

Jack HAley


'The Wonder Show' - Jack Haley's second radio program. it has nearly all the same cast as in 'Log Cabin Jamboree', except adding Lucille Bal…

Phormio; or, The Scheming Parasite

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"Chremes and Demipho are two aged Athenians, brothers. Nausistrata, the wife of Chremes, is a wealthy woman, possessed of large estates…

Lady Frederick, a Comedy in Three Acts

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W. Somerset Maugham

Lady Frederick is a comedy by the British writer W. Somerset Maugham, written early in his career. The play was first seen in London in 1907…

Point Sublime


Starring Cliff Arquette as storekeeper and mayor of Point Sublime, Ben Willet, and Mel Blanc as August Moon and Ben Willet's side-kick, the …

Fibber Mc Gee And Molly 36 03 02 Encyclopedia Salesman

Fibber tries to become an encyclopedia salesman, but soon discovers he's not very good at it.  He's such a bad salesman that he gets tr…

Burns And Allen 1941 02 24 Gracie Is Late For Show

After spending time alone with bandleader Artie Shaw, Gracie is late for the show and comes up with crazy excuses.   Advice column…

Martin & Lewis Show 49 11 28 Violating Child Labor Laws

The Child Welfare Board threatens to close the nightclub where Martin and Lewis are performing because Dean's "son" Jerry is under…


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William Shakespeare

The 1610 edition says it is by Shakespeare, and the play was in a volume of Shakespeare in the library of Charles the Second. But, well, lik…

Sam N Henry


8 episodes of sam n henry the precursor and begining of amos and andy



18 New Year OTR Shows, 1944-1958 Comedy, science fiction, horror, detective, and variety shows from the first week (12/31 - 1/7) of the new …

CBS Radio At Fifty 77 09 18 An Autobiography In Sound With Walter Cronkite

Walter Cronkite hosts this 3 hour retrospective on the history of CBS Radio from its beginnings up through to the date of this broadcast. Th…

Cupid's Whirligig

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Edward Sharpham

Cupid's Whirligig is a city comedy: a play in colloquial language dealing with the everyday life of London's citizens. A knight, Sir Timothy…

The Hobby-Horse

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Arthur Wing Pinero

A man's wife is caught up in Philanthropy, generously supporting all sorts of good causes. But that does not include her husband's interests…

The Double Dealer

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William Congreve

"This remarkable melodrama [The Double Dealer] - for a comedy it can scarcely be called... Is it possible to imagine a more inextricabl…

Lux Radio Theater 37 02 15 Brewster's Millions

Host Cecil B. DeMille gives a brief biography of guest star Jack Benny, before introducing the Lux Radio production of Brewster's Millions, …

Murder With Masala By Suk Pannu


Mrs Sidhu Investigates   Murder With Masala By Suk Pannu Mrs Sidhu is Slough's answer to Miss Marple. Meera Syal stars as the Indian Au…

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