Appointment With Fear 44 05 18 The Clock Strikes Eight

A woman suffering from amnesia regains most of her memories, only to find herself not only in prison, but sentenced to death for murder.

Blue Beetle 40 06 07 Sea Serpent

The Blue Beetle investigates mysterious rumors of a sea serpent terrorizing the coast and killing swimmers.

Boston Blackie 1946 12 03 Blackie Goes To Jail For Diamond Theft

Blackie is accused and sentenced to 10 to 20 years for diamond theft, and later joins a jail break.

Boston Blackie 45 05 16 Uncle Bill Blaines Legacy

Blackie is forced to be a bodyguard for a wealthy man whose life is being threatened, but gets murdered anyway, in a locked room with two po…

Boston Blackie 45 08 06 Hypnotic Murder

A woman confesses to a murder and claims she gave the murder weapon to Blackie, so the police are after him too. Blackie admits receiving he…

Boston Blackie 47 01 14 Blackie And The Fur Thefts

Blackie unwittingly aides a pair of fur thieves who intend to frame him for the thefts.

Broadway Is My Beat 53 07 04 The John Rand Murder Case

A police autopsy finds a dead man was poisoned, and his widow accuses his nurse of killing him. Detective Clover finds the nurse attempting …

Casey Crime Photographer 47 11 27 After Turkey The Bill

In the middle of his Thanksgiving dinner, Casey gets involved in a case of two cousins, one of whom may have committed robbery.

Chase And Sanborn Hour 37 10 17 Guests Clark Gable And The Stroud Twins

Edgar Bergen is studying to be an eye doctor and wants to examine Charlie's eyes. 2 minute delay in broadcast. Clark Gable and Don Ameche pl…

Creeps By Night 44 05 23 The Strange Burial Of Alexander Jordan

A elderly and wealthy man near death, has an obsessive fear of being buried alive, so he makes specific instructions for his burial in the e…

Dragnet 50 11 09 The Big Mother

The detectives investigate the disappearance of a 3 day old twin boy from a hospital nursery.

Escape 48 03 06 The Grove Of Ashtaroth

An African explorer, much to the surprise of his companion, suddenly decides to build a home in the jungle near a strange grove with a shrin…

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