The Chronicles of America Volume 15 - Jefferson and his Colleagues

Read by Jim Locke

Allen Johnson

In this volume, we have the Virginia Dynasty of presidents: Jefferson, Madison, and Monroe. America at this time was involved in expansion w…

3 from LightByDesign

Read by LightByDesign Ministries

LightByDesign Ministries

Three fascinating, action packed stories from the old holiness literature circa late 19th and early 20th centuries. Our first story is call…

St. Clair's Defeat 1791

Read by Phil Schempf


St. Clair's defeat was a battle fought between the United States and the Western Confederacy of Native Americans on November 4, 1791, during…

Women of the French Revolution

Read by Celine Major

Winifred Stephens Whale

(Excerpt) One aspect of this subject of revolutionary women, their connection with the secret societies of the day I have purposely ignored.…

The Great Delft Thunderclap Of 1654

Radio Netherlands

The day the world came to an end:   The great Delft Thunderclap of 1654 This programme commemorated the 350th anniversary of one of the…


Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Among the twelve hundred poems which have emanated from my too prolific pen there are some forty or fifty which treat entirely of that emoti…

The World’s Story Volume XIV: An Outline of Universal History

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Karl Ploetz

The fourteenth volume of the 15-volume series The World’s Story has a different concept than the previous books edited by Eva March Tappan. …

A Social History of the American Negro

Read by Jim Locke

Benjamin Griffith Brawley

A comprehensive history of what experiences and influences created the Negro American citizen as we find him at the beginning of the twentie…

Aljaska (Alaska) en de Canada-spoorweg

Read by Edith van der Have-Raats


Toeristisch verslag van een reis naar Canada en Alaska, in 1892 gepubliceerd in het tijdschrift "De Aarde en haar volken". We gaan…

On the Ruin of Britain

Read by Carol Pelster


Gildas was a well-informed and definitely opinionated 6th century commentator on the topic of the era of the Roman occupation of Britain beg…

The Life of Abraham Lincoln, Volume 1

Read by Ciufi Galeazzi

Ida M. Tarbell

Volume 1 of Ida Tarbell's biography of Lincoln covers his life from his boyhood to his election to the presidency in 1860. Tarbell, in addit…

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