Published 1800 -1900

Juffrouw Lirriper's Legaat

Read by Marcel Coenders

Charles Dickens

De kerstverhalen van Charles Dickens uit het jaar 1864. Hoofdstuk 1 en 7 vormen een doorlopend verhaal dat het vervolg is van hoofdstuk 1 en…

The Phantom Regiment; or, Stories of "Ours"

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James Grant

The title and a quick glance at the chapter titles of James Grant's The Phantom Regiment--such as "The Romance of the Month," &quo…

The Marriage of Elinor

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Margaret O. Oliphant

Elinor has decided to marry. But who is the man she has chosen? No one seems to know. Is he of good character? Does he have a "past&quo…

Unveiling a Parallel

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Alice Ilgenfritz Jones

In this work of utopian science fiction from the Victorian era written by Two Women of the West, a moniker for Alice Ilgenfritz Jones and El…

Madame de Mauves

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Henry James

Considered an early masterpiece, "Madame de Mauves" is the first of Henry James's 'international contrasts'. It recounts the story…

The Story of a Modern Woman (Version 2)

Read by Bruce Pirie

Ella Hepworth Dixon

“The Story of a Modern Woman” (1894) is a work of feminist social realism. In its time it was one of the most famous and influential novels …

Hester: A Story of Contemporary Life, Volume 3

Read by Anne Erickson

Margaret O. Oliphant

This volume completes the story of Hester and her struggle to find her way in the family she belongs to by birth but not by upbringing. The …


Read by Claus Misfeldt

Friedrich Hebbel

Hebbel schildert in seiner Kurzgeschichte die Umstände einer zufällig gemachten Reisebekanntschaft. - Summary by Claus Misfeldt

The Murder of Delicia

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Marie Corelli

The following slight and unelaborated sketch of a very commonplace and everyday tragedy will, I am aware, meet with the unqualified disappro…

Mimic Life; or Before and Behind the Curtain

Read by Kelly S. Taylor

Anna Cora Mowatt Ritchie

Mimic Life; or Before and Behind the Curtain is a collection of three narratives about life in the theater based on Mowatt’s career on stage…

Illustrations of Political Economy, Volume 1

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Harriet Martineau

Hugely popular at their time of publication, Harriet Martineau’s Illustrations of Political Economy sought to turn the abstract principles o…


Read by Friedrich

Stanisław Przybyszewski

Sprachlich kunstvoll und ausdrucksstark gestaltete, wortgewaltige Analyse der menschlichen Psyche. Das Werk inspirierte den norwegischen Mal…

The Wing of Azrael, Volume 1

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Mona Caird

Mona Caird, a British writer and feminist, criticized in numerous non-fiction writings the state of marriage as it existed in her time. Her …

Маскарад (Maskarad) (Dramatic Reading)

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Олена Пчілка, Oiena Pchilka and Olena Pchilka

Чарiвний Хрещатик видкриває розповiдь про життя однієї пані - господині, дружини, матері, - у якої несподівано з'явилась можливість вирватис…

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