Published 1900 onward

Orpheus in de dessa

Read by Marcel Coenders

Augusta de Wit and Augusta De Wit

Een romantische ingenieur raakt betoverd door het spel van een Indische fluitspeler, zoals het zakelijke Nederland door het geheimzinnige In…

The Three Friends; A Story of Rugby in the Forties

Read by KevinS

Arthur Gray Butler

This is a novel that describes the life of three friends while they are attending Rugby School. The work illustrates for the reader many of …

Fame and Fortune Weekly No. 2: Born to Good Luck; or The Boy Who Succeeded

Read by Keith Salis

Frank Tousey

Dick Armstrong is an enterprising young man who works his way out of a slave-labor situation to become a successful businessman at only age …

Bob Bowen Comes To Town

Read by Howard Skyman

Henry James O'Brien Bedford-Jones

Bob Bowen is a free spirited young man who likes to take chances. However after a chance meeting on a train with a high stakes mining stock …

Frank Merriwell at Yale; Or, Freshman Against Freshman

Read by KevinS

Burt L. Standish

Gilbert Patten, writing under the pen name of Burt L. Standish, wrote innumerable novels that were very popular in their time. His Frank Mer…

Den siste viking

Read by Kathrine Engan

Johan Bojer

Denne romanen forteller historien om ei gruppe fattige fiskere på begynnelsen av 1900-tallet og et års Lofotfiske. Vi føl…

The Valley of the Squinting Windows

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Brinsley Macnamara

The Valley of the Squinting Shadows was the author's first novel and proved controversial. In it, he tells a realistic tale of life in a sma…

Der Schrei

Read by Friedrich

Stanisław Przybyszewski

Der Roman ist eine Erinnerung an die Berliner Bohème-Zeit des Autors. Przybyszewsk erhielt die Anregung zu diesem Werk, als ihm der b…


Read by J. D. Zero

Edmond Privat

La "Librairie de l' Esperanto" en Parizo petis min, ke mi verku facilan legolibron por la lernantoj de kursoj aŭ la komencantoj, k…

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