The House on Chimney Pot Lane - CBS Radio Mystery Theater


Another "weird tale" from the classic CBS radio series, and this time there's a "mural" to the story, heh. HD and flat s…

Yours Truly Johnny Dollar Singles Charles Russell

Old Time Radio Researchers Group

THESE ARE THE CHARLES RUSSELL EPISODES 02-18-1949 - 01-14-1950 YOURS TRULY, JOHNNY DOLLAR - CHARLES RUSSELL For over twelve years, from 1949…

128 The Most Dangerous Game

A hunt for the deadliest animal of! Through swamps and jungles...hunter against hunted. A classic. Sanga Rainsford, the celebrated…

F. Scott Fitzgerald The Great Gatsby

Classic Serial: The Great Gatsby First broadcast: Sun 6th May 2012, 15:00 on BBC Radio 4 FM F. Scott Fitzgerald's seminal nov…

The Hound Of The Baskervilles {South Africa]

The Hound of the Baskervilles is the third story by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle featuring the detective Sherlock Holmes. It is set largely o…

Danger With Granger


Escape page2


Old Time Radio Programs, Escape These are the 1950-1951 shows

Lum's Misc OTR


This page is for providing fills for other patrons collections and shows that I haven't enough of for pages of their own. Check back as will…

Meet Corliss Archer 10 Eps


(10 Episodes) “Meet Corliss Archer” The first broadcasting of CBS's “Meet Corliss Archer” (with Campbell's Soup as their sponsor) was April …

The Grantland Rice Story - Single Episodes

Old Time Radio Researchers Group

THE GRANTLAND RICE STORY RCA Thesaurus obtained permission to serialize Rice's popular "The Tumult and The Shouting" via their tr…

The Whistler 1950


The Whistler 1950 old time radio

300 Immortal song - Mp3


The Complete Lis  of : 300 immortal songs. 001 - Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb (Live from Pulse DVD) 002 - Pink Floyd - Learning to Fly…

233 The Pit And The Pendulum

A young man invents a formula that could destroy the world if it fell into the wrong hands. He and his wife are tormented and threatened to …

BBC Radio 4 - James Bond Radio Drama, From Russia With Love

Ian Fleming

The Russians want James Bond dead. Will his romance with a beautiful spy finally cloud Bond's judgement? Stars Toby Stephens and John Sessio…

Ngaio Marsh A Man Lay Dead


Saturday Play: A Man Lay Dead   Sat 6th Jan 2001, 14:30 on BBC Radio 4 FM By Ngaio Marsh   Dramatised by …

Fred Allen Christmas Shows


Radio's master satirist in memorable Yuletide shows, including two versions of his famous "Santa Claus Sits Down" sketch and a mem…

Lightning Jim


Old Time Radio Western

Mercury Theatre On The Air 38 10 30 War Of The Worlds

Orson Welles' Mercury Theatre broadcast of H. G. Welles' War of the Worlds, in which an invading army of Creatures from the planet Mars deva…

CBS Mystery Theater Fantasy Selection 5

A selection of fantasy, supernatural and science fiction episodes from the 1970s radio series CBS Mystery Theater. For more fantasy and SF o…

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