Science Fiction

Pellucidar (version 2)

Read by Mark Nelson

Edgar Rice Burroughs

David Innes and his captive, a member of the reptilian Mahar master race of the interior world of Pellucidar, return from the surface world …


Read by Gregg Margarite (1957-2012)

Poul William Anderson

“Security” tells the story of a compartmentalized government physicist ordered by secret police to complete experiments aimed at developing …

This World Is Taboo

Read by Mark F. Smith

Murray Leinster

Calhoun is an Interstellar Medical Serviceman, and he's needed on Dara. Trouble is: Dara is forbidden. Taboo. And breaking quarantine will m…

Vatican Abdicator

Read by Mike Luoma

Mike Luoma

This is it! The SHOCKING CONCLUSION to the VATICAN ASSASSIN TRILOGY! Bernard Campion, "BC", has been an Assassin for the Pope - Th…

Short Science Fiction Collection 017

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

E. E. "Doc" Smith

Science fiction (abbreviated SF or sci-fi with varying punctuation and case) is a broad genre of fiction that often involves sociological an…

Frankenstein, or The Modern Prometheus

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Mary Shelley

A student discovers the secret of animating lifeless matter and, by assembling body parts, creates the monster Frankenstein. Rejected by soc…


Read by Gillian Andrews

Gillian Andrews

Six, Diva and Grace are back laughing together in the sun on Xiantha. Grace seems to have come to terms with the wounds from her fall, and D…

Space Casey

Read by Christiana Ellis

Christiana Ellis

Some heroines will steal your heart. This one will steal your wallet. In the future, mankind has expanded to fill the solar system, but when…

The Sky Is Falling

Read by Karen Savage

Lester Del Rey

After dying in a terrible accident at a building site, Dave Hanson finds himself being brought back to life in a world where magic is real, …

The Arwen, Season 6: The Final Days of Peace

Read by Timothy P. Callahan

Timothy P. Callahan

Part three of a four part adventure that will stretch across the vastness of space and time. An exciting follow-up to The Water Planet, and …

Las Fuerzas Extrañas

Read by Victor Villarraza

Leopoldo Lugones

Recopilación de una docena de relatos de misterio y una teoría del cosmos que constituyen un pilar fundamental para el desarro…

The Arwen, Season 7: Battlesphere

Read by Timothy P. Callahan

Timothy P. Callahan

During a raid of the Ulliam system the Handler's manage to drop off a message to Captain Cook and the United Corps Planets in the form a 16 …

The Crypt Book 01: The Crew

Read by Scott Sigler

Scott Sigler

A far-future military/scifi endeavor from New York Times best-selling author Scott Sigler. It is the best-kept and worst-kept secret in the…

People Minus X

Read by Mark Nelson

Raymond Z. Gallun

A disastrous experiment destroys the moon and kills millions on earth. The invention of artificial flesh lets them return to life as android…

The Status Civilization

Read by Gregg Margarite (1957-2012)

Robert Sheckley

Will Barrent awakes without memories just before being deposited on Omega, a planet for criminals where the average life expectancy is 3 yea…

Shaman Tales 1: South Coast

Read by Nathan Lowell

Nathan Lowell

Otto is Richard Krugg's only son and heir to the Shaman's gift. The only problem is Otto doesn't want it. He wants to be a fisherman. When c…

Tincture, An Apocalyptic Proposition

Read by Matthew D. Jordan

Matthew D. Jordan

Rhamuel and the last of his family, Abranyah, travel their barren world, shack to shack, selling tinctures to keep a full belly and evading …

Armageddon- 2419 A.D. (Version 2)

Read by Alan Winterrowd

Philip Francis Nowlan

Armageddon—2419 A.D. is the first appearance of the character that would become Buck Rogers. First published in the August 1928 issue of Ama…


Read by Bill DeSmedt

Bill DeSmedt

What if the cataclysmic Tunguska explosion of 1908 was caused, not by a meteor or a comet, but by a microscopic black hole? What if that fa…

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