Suspense 43 02 16 In Fear And Trembling

A woman in ill health becomes convinced by premonitions that her husband and her half-sister are in love and want to kill her.

Suspense 47 02 13 The Thirteenth Sound

A woman murders her husband but later begins to hear scraping sounds everywhere that begin to drive her mad. Starring Agnes Moorhead.

1944 11 09 Suspense You Were Wonderful


CBS: Suspense: You Were Wonderful, 1944-11-09. Lena Horne as Lorna Dean in "You Were Wonderful" an episode of Suspense produced by…

TGG Old Time Radio Double Dip #2: Donovan's Brain Suspense 5/18/1944 & 5/25/1944

The Suspense episodes for 5/18/1944 and 5/25/1944 featuring Orson Welles in the starring role. This was the first time Suspense produced a t…

Lord Blood-Rah's Nerve Wrackin' Auditorium - The Screaming Woman

Lord Blood-Rah's Nerve Wrackin' Auditorium presents the "Suspense" episode The Screaming Woman

Suspense 430828 055 The King's Birthday ( 128 44) 27258 28m 23s

CBS net. "The King's Birthday". Sustaining. A touch of voodoo in Nazi occupied Denmark? The program has a surprise ending. + Dolor…

"When Radio Was" broadcast tape 1997 September 17 & 18 (Wednesday 1/Thursday 1)

Radio Spirits/Dick Brescia Associates

Previous tape: 1997 September 15/16; "When Radio Was" is a popular …

Suspense 43 02 02 The Doctor Prescribed Death

Bela Lugosi stars as a doctor that has a theory that people who want to commit suicide, can instead be convinced to commit murder, and sets …

305 The Morrison Affair Madeleine Carroll

Suspense. September 2, 1948. CBS net. "The Morrison Affair". Sponsored by: Auto-Lite. A wealthy woman steals a baby on train, and …

"When Radio Was" broadcast tapes 1997 September 15/16 & 1997 September 17/18

Radio Spirits/Dick Brescia Associates

"When Radio Was" is a popular old-time radio (late 1930s-1950s) anthology series that originated in the Chicago area in the early …

480922 The Whistler Still Death AFRS 40

West-coast regional CBS radio network

A strange woman hires a portrait artist to paint her picture. Her husband is soon paralyzed after a stroke and the wife of the artist is una…

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