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Robert Taylor

In Ancient and Modern Celebrated Freethinkers

Read by Ted Delorme

Charles Bradlaugh

This book presents a brief bio and a summary of important ideas & events in the lives of 23 great philosophers from ancient times throug…

Vorwort, Absatz 1 - 9

In Der Antichrist

Read by Ramona Deininger-Schnabel

Friedrich Nietzsche

Der Philosoph Friedrich Nietzsche ist nicht unumstritten, wurde von den Nazis mißverstanden und für ihre Ideologie mißbrauc…

Don't Try To Stop The Sun Shining

In Is the Bible Worth Reading and Other Essays

Read by J. M. Smallheer

Lemuel Kelley Washburn

These are more than 100 short essays on all things atheism and freethought penned by Lemuel K. Washburn, an American freethought writer and …

Guiteau and his Crime

In Selected Interviews with Robert G. Ingersoll, Volume 2

Read by Claudia Salto

Robert G. Ingersoll

A controversial lecturer and famous orator of the mid 1800's, Ingersoll railed against the absurdities of the Bible and cruelties of orthodo…

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