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Arts and Crafts

In Enquire Within Upon Everything

Read by Amelia Chesley

Robert Kemp Philp

Enquire Within Upon Everything was a book of how to do things in domestic life It was first published in 1856 by Houlston and Sons of Patern…

Blottentots and How to Make Them

In Blottentots and How to Make Them

Read by Ruth Golding

John Prosper Carmel

This is very short, but it is a book with lots of pictures, and it will be even better if you can look at the pictures in the book at http:/…

Ch 1 - Introduction

In Brewing

Read by MaryAnn

Alfred Chaston Chapman

Great as is the debt of gratitude which the brewing industry owes to the labours of scientific men, it has been more than repaid by the imme…

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