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Book Eight, Part 2

In Paradise Lost

Read by Greg Bryant

John Milton

Paradise Lost is the first epic of English literature written in the classical style. John Milton saw himself as the intellectual heir of Ho…

Chapters 1-2

In Eirik the Red's Saga

Read by Julian Jamison


In this saga, the events that led to Eirik the Red's banishment to Greenland are chronicled, as well as Leif Eirikson's discovery of Vinland…

Левски (Levski)

In Епопея на Забравените (Epopeya na zabravenite)

Read by Georgi Stoychev

Ivan Vazov

Epic of the Forgotten (Bulgarian: Епопея на забравените; Epopeya na zabravenite) is a Bulgarian poetic saga written by Ivan Vazov to commemo…

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