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The Skylark of Space

Read by Richard Kilmer

E. E. “Doc” Smith

The novel begins with the accidental discovery, in a Government laboratory in Washington D. C., of a form of clean nuclear power. Our hero, …

The Moon Pool

Read by Mark Nelson

Abraham Merritt

Dr. David Throckmartin’s scientific expedition to the South Sea Islands discovers among ancient ruins a portal into Muria, an unknown underg…

Storm Over Warlock, Version 2

Read by Mark Nelson

Andre Norton

The Throg task force struck the Terran survey camp a few minutes after dawn, without warning, and with a deadly precision which argued that …

Five Children and It

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

E. Nesbit

This delightful novel begins when a family of five children moves from London to the English countryside. While playing in a gravel pit soon…

The Night Land

Read by Mark Nelson

William Hope Hodgson

The Sun has gone out and the Earth is lit only by the glow of residual vulcanism. The last few millions of the human race are gathered toget…

Der Golem

Read by Hokuspokus

Gustav Meyrink

"Der Golem" von Gustav Meyrink gilt als ein Klassiker der phantastischen Literatur. Es handelt sich dabei nicht um eine Adaption d…

Skylark Three

Read by Richard Kilmer

E. E. “Doc” Smith and E. E. "Doc" Smith

This is a sequel to The Skylark of Space. The novel concerns Richard Seaton and his allies who have encounters with aliens while fighting Du…

The Wonderful Garden

Read by Ruth Golding

E. Nesbit

Do you believe in magic? Caroline, Charles and Charlotte do, and nothing that happens during their summer holiday at their great uncle's hou…

The Pink Fairy Book

Read by Elliott Miller

Andrew Lang

All people in the world tell nursery tales to their children, and the stories are apt to be like each other everywhere. A child who has read…


Read by Corpang

William Morris and Anonymoustranslated Bywilliam Morris

The 13th century Icelandic Völsungasaga is usually read by people studying the Poetic Edda or Wagner's Ring - which obscures the fact i…

Beyond the Black River

Read by Phil Chenevert

Robert E. Howard

Conan the Barbarian is employed by one of the civilized countries to help in it's push to claim lands from the primitive Picts. The Picts ar…

Tales of the Left Hand, Book One

Read by John Meagher

John Meagher

In the tropical-island region known as the Frees, magic is growing stronger, and gunpowder is becoming less reliable. Amid this world of &qu…

Shadows in Zamboula

Read by Mark Nelson

Robert E. Howard

Despite a warning received in the Suq by an elderly desert nomad, Conan stays the night in a cheap tavern in Zamboula, run by Aram Baksh. As…

Rogues of the Black Fury

Read by Travis Heermann

Travis Heermann

"Rogues of the Black Fury mixes a berserk action thriller sharp as a mercenary's sword with hard-bitten fantasy so gritty it might scou…

Phantastes: A Faerie Romance for Men and Women

Read by Brad Powers

George MacDonald

A young man named Anodos experiences dream-like adventures in Fairy Land, where he meets tree-spirits, endures the presence of the overwhelm…

Die Schatzgräber

Read by Hokuspokus

Karl Wilhelm Salice-Contessa

Karl Wilhelm Salice-Contessa war ein schlesischer Dichter der Romantik. Er war einer der "Serapionsbrüder" um E. T. A. Hoffm…

Minutes To Midnight; The Nemesis Chronicles

Read by H.R. Jackson

H.R. Jackson

Mythics... Creatures and beings of legend, possessing extraordinary abilities. Once thought of as merely stories, they've learned to blend i…

Red Nails

Read by Gregg Margarite (1957-2012)

Robert E. Howard

Conan the Cimmerian pursues the beautiful and deadly pirate Valeria after she kills a Stygian only to find himself cornered by a dragon. App…

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (version 4)

Read by Eric Leach

Lewis Carroll

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (commonly shortened to Alice in Wonderland) is an 1865 novel written by English author Charles Lutwidge Dod…

Prophecy of Swords

Read by M.H. Bonham

M.H. Bonham

To end a war, nearly a thousand years ago a great warrior named Lachlan sought to unify his people, using the power of the Three Swords of D…

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