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Das Schwert und die Schlangen

Read by Hokuspokus

Karl Wilhelm Salice-Contessa

Karl Wilhelm Salice-Contessa war ein schlesischer Dichter der Romantik. Er war einer der "Serapionsbrüder" um E. T. A. Hoffm…

The Spiral Tattoo

Read by Michael J. Parry

Michael J. Parry

When you're six inches tall and can fly, life can be tough in a big persons world. What better then than to be partnered with a seven foot t…

A Story of the Stone Age

Read by James Christopher

H. G. Wells

This story is of a time beyond the memory of man, before the beginning of history. . . (Summary from the text)

A Dreamer's Tales

Read by David Mack

Lord Dunsany

"A Dreamer's Tales" is the fifth book by Irish fantasy writer Lord Dunsany, considered a major influence on the work of H. P. Love…

Le Morte d'Arthur - Vol. 1

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Sir Thomas Malory

Le Morte d'Arthur (spelled Le Morte Darthur in the first printing and also in some modern editions, Middle French for la mort d'Arthur, &quo…

Pellucidar (version 2)

Read by Mark Nelson

Edgar Rice Burroughs

David Innes and his captive, a member of the reptilian Mahar master race of the interior world of Pellucidar, return from the surface world …

The Wizard That Wasn't: Mechanized Wizardry Book 1

Read by Ben Rovik

Ben Rovik

Never trust a wizard. They’re all filthy, addle-brained con artists peddling superstitious nonsense. Horace Lundin doesn’t believe in their…

Blast of the Dragon's Fury

Read by L. R. W. Lee

L. R. W. Lee

Ten-year-old, Andy Smithson believes he is merely a kid too often in trouble--until his destiny as the Chosen One to break a 500-year-old cu…

The Patchwork Girl of Oz (version 2)

Read by Phil Chenevert

L. Frank Baum

Yes, this is another wonderful OZ book with all the old familiar characters and some new delightful ones. The Patchwork Girl, a free spirit …

The Adventures of Jerry Muskrat (Dramatic Reading)

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Thornton W. Burgess

Join us as we follow Jerry Muskrat and his friends on an adventure to discover what is threatening their homeland, Laughing Brook and Smilin…

Origin Scroll

Read by Richard S. Tuttle

Richard S. Tuttle

Origin Scroll is the first volume of the Targa Trilogy and the cornerstone of the epic fantasy Alcea Collection which spans sixteen volumes …

Venus y Adonis

Read by KendalRigans

William Shakespeare

Venus y Adonis es un poema de William Shakespeare, escrito en 1592-93. El argumento está basado en pasajes de las metamorfosis de Ovi…

Utopia (Robinson translation)

Read by Ruth Golding

Thomas More

Originally entitled A frutefull pleasaunt, and wittie worke of the beste state of publique weale, & of the newe yle, called Utopia: writ…

The Emerald City of Oz (Version 2)

Read by Phil Chenevert

L. Frank Baum

Oh My Goodness! What a lot of incredible adventures are packed into this epic. The evil gnome king plots to destroy Oz and enslave it's peop…

Once on a Time (version 2 Dramatic Reading)

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

A. A. Milne

This version of the book is done as a Dramatic Reading with various people speaking each characters part. When the King of Barodia receives…

Round the Moon

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Jules Verne

Around the Moon, Jules Verne's sequel to From the Earth to the Moon, is a science fiction novel continuing the trip to the moon which left t…

A Dance With Demons

Read by Jeff Offringa

Jeff Offringa

Tarn Nohmal doesn't want much out of life. Food on the table, a roof over his head, and privacy. But when his old commander shows up and nee…

The Napoleon of Notting Hill

Read by Ray Clare

G. K. Chesterton

While the novel is humorous (one instance has the King sitting on top of an omnibus and speaking to it as to a horse: "Forward, my beau…

The Ball and the Cross

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

G. K. Chesterton

The Ball and the Cross is G. K. Chesterton's third novel. In the introduction Martin Gardner notes that it is a "mixture of fantasy, fa…

The Road to Oz (Version 2)

Read by Phil Chenevert

L. Frank Baum

Dorothy and Toto set out to help the Shaggy Man (who really is quite shaggy) and end up lost, following a strange road. Along the way they …

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