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Eddie Cantor Show 49 01 07 Guest Al Jolson

Eddie get an invitation to attend President Truman's inauguration, and then jokes about politics with Dinah Shore and Harry von Zell. Eddie …

Command Performance 42 03 13 Kate Smith, Henny Youngman, Robert Benchley

Kate Smith sings "How About You?".  Henny Youngman tells a number of quick jokes. Barry Wood sings "It's Going To Be A G…

Fibber Mc Gee And Molly 46 12 31 New Years Eve Party With Fred Waring

Fibber and Molly are taking time off, and instead, Fred Waring and his Pennsylvanians, host a half hour of music to bring in the New Year.

NBC War Bond Parade 44 03 07 Seventh Consecutive War Bond Drive

John W Vandercook hosts this variety show for the promotion of war bonds, which includes music, drama, war news, and comedy. Raymond Massey,…

The Fountain Of Fun 42 11 22 Turkey Rationed

The gang at the drug store talk about how they're going to get a turkey, and later Toby imagines what it would've been like if he was at the…

Command Performance 42 11 10 Jack Benny, Alice Faye, Cass Daley

The announcer for program is Don Wilson with Jack Benny as MC. Don tries to explain that Jack has a split personality. Cass Daley sings a hu…

My Musical Life

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Walter Damrosch

This is the autobiography of the Prussian-born American conductor Walter Damrosch. It includes dozens of anecdotes about many of the great m…

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In Consecration Hymns Of Devotion By Christian Berdahl (1411-44)

Unknown Artist

Consecration Hymns Of Devotion By Christian Berdahl (1411-44)

Track 13

In Coming Again By Fountainview Academy Strings & Choir (1411-44)

Unknown Artist

Coming Again By Fountainview Academy Strings & Choir (1411-44)

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