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A Catechism of Familiar Things; Their History, and the Events Which Led to Thei…

Read by LibriVox Volunteers


This book, a reprint of a successful English publication, has been so enlarged as to be to all intents and purposes new. It has been careful…

Home Geography for Primary Grades

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

C. C. Long

Lessons and exercises for young children, exploring map and compass, mountains and rivers, trees and flowers, wind and rain, and more. (Summ…

Within the Deep

Read by Laura Victoria

R. Cadwallader Smith

Presented in the form of lessons, R. Cadwallader Smith vividly portrays life in the ocean. Learn about the common and not so common that swi…

The American Egypt

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Channing Arnold

Arnold and Frost were English archaeologists who traveled to the Yucatan Peninsula and wrote "the first book ever written by Englishmen…

Science in Short Chapters

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

W. Mattieu Williams

This is a collection of articles written by W. Mattieu Williams on different subjects, that in his opinion "are likely to be interestin…

How to Tell the Birds from the Flowers

Read by Andrea L

Robert Williams Wood

How do you tell apart a parrot from a carrot? A plover from a clover? A bay from a jay? Although there are several ways of differentiating, …

The Woodpeckers

Read by Laura Victoria

Fannie Hardy Eckstorm

The Woodpeckers is a wonderful introduction to the world of bird study for the young naturalist, covering such topics as how he finds food, …

Criminal Investigation: a Practical Handbook for Magistrates, Police Officers a…

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Hans Gross

Reputedly inspired by the Sherlock Holmes stories, Austrian criminal jurist and examining magistrate Hans Gross wrote the first handbook on …

LibriVox 7th Anniversary Collection

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm

To celebrate the 7 years of LibriVox , readers from all around the world have recorded 77 works they have selected, all of which have 7 in …

Insect Adventures

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Jean-Henri Fabre

This book is composed of selections from Alexander Teixeira de Mattos’ Translation of Fabre’s “Souvenirs Entomologiques,” retold for childre…

Apis Mellifica

Read by Marie Daum

C. W. Wolf

Wolf's essay considers the homeopathic medicine Apis Mellifica, or the poison of the honey bee, as a therapeutic agent based on his experien…

The Hurricane Hunters

Read by David Wales

Ivan Ray Tannehill

This 1955 book by an acknowledged authority is an absorbing account of meteorology before the advent of weather satellites. “This is the li…

The North West Passage -The Gjöa Expedition 1903-1907 (Volume I)

Read by Steven Seitel

Roald Amundsen

Roald Amundsen and six hearty seafarers tackle the North West Passage in search of the elusive wandering magnetic North Pole. (Summary by St…

La vie des abeilles

Read by Christiane Jehanne

Maurice Maeterlinck

Vie de ces insectes stupéfiants, et aussi philosophie, voire mysticisme..., l'Esprit de la Ruche ... - Summary by Christiane Jehanne

The Bee People

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Margaret Warner Morley

"The Honey-bees are buzzy-fuzzy little pepper pots" Thus this wonderful nature writer begins to tell us about bees, their habits, …

Personal Narrative of Travels to the Equinoctial Regions of America, During the…

Read by Gail Timmerman Vaughan

Aimé Bonpland, Alexander von Humboldt and Alexander Von Humboldt

Volume 3, the final volume of the “Personal Narrative”, records the travels of Alexander von Humboldt and the botanist Aimé Bonpland …


Read by SweetHome

Margaret Warner Morley

Seed Babies piques the child's interest about how seeds grow. It provides interesting information about seeds in a conversational style bet…

Stories of Starland

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Mary Proctor

Henry asks his sister Mary about the sky. She tells him all about the Sun, the Planets, the Moon, Comets and Meteors, and Stars. Mary tells …

A Brief History of Forestry

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Bernhard Eduard Fernow

An accessible, comprehensive summary of the science and art of forestry, from its ancient roots to its 20th century techniques (many of whic…

A Text-book of Assaying

Read by Peter Yearsley

Cornelius Beringer and Cornelius Beringerandjohn Jacob Beringer

This is a formal but relaxed text covering assaying techniques for most of the substances which are mined. As the authors say: "At firs…

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