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Rebels of the Red Planet

Read by Mark Nelson

Charles L. Fontenay

Dark Kensington had been dead for twenty-five years. It was a fact; everyone knew it. Then suddenly he reappeared, youthful, brilliant, read…

In the Days of the Comet

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

H. G. Wells

William ("Willie") is a student living in the British town of Clayton. As a Socialist, he tries to move power from the upper class…

Trader Tales 3: Full Share

Read by Nathan Lowell

Nathan Lowell

The Lois McKendrick runs headlong into trouble when a routine in-system transit goes bad. Ishmael and the rest of the crew must scramble to …

Oomphel in the Sky

Read by Mark Nelson

H. Beam Piper

Natives of the distant planet of Kwannon believe that their world is about to end, and in preparing for the apocalypse, may be unnecessarily…

Tales of Space and Time

Read by Richard Kilmer

H. G. Wells

Five short Science Fiction stories. - Summary by Richard Kilmer

This Paper World

Read by Jeff Lane

Jeff Lane

Jim Hunt is an average 18 year old college student... or he would like to be. He dreams of a door. An important secret about who or what h…

Lone Star Planet

Read by Mark Nelson

H. Beam Piper

New Texas: its citizens figure that name about says it all. The Solar League ambassador to the Lone Star Planet has the unenviable task of c…

The Defiant Agents (Version 2)

Read by Mark Nelson

Andre Norton

Operation Cochise: a carefully planned Western move to colonize a planet ahead of the Reds. Travis Fox had been an eager volunteer, but the …


Read by Teel McClanahan III

Teel McClanahan III

Before she met Nicholas, all Emily cared about was shopping, and she believed her teachers when they told her the vampires had made the worl…

The Devil in Iron

Read by Phil Chenevert

Robert E. Howard

Conan's lustful desires again get him into a whole pile of trouble. This time the beautiful, golden haired, noble born Octavia, lures him in…

Spacehounds of IPC

Read by Mark Nelson

E. E. “Doc” Smith

When the Inter-Planetary Corporation's (IPC) crack liner “IPV Arcturus” took off on a routine flight to Mars, it turned out to be the beginn…


Read by S. Lawrence Parrish

S. Lawrence Parrish

In a post-plague world where plants have suffered as much as animals, a colony of human survivors has gathered in a fortified former-luxury …


Read by Casey S Townsend

Casey S Townsend

The world you know has changed. Science has been replaced by dark, supernatural forces and those that know how have harnessed them to contro…

Trader Tales 4: Double Share

Read by Nathan Lowell

Nathan Lowell

When he graduates from the Academy at Port Newmar, Ishmael Horatio Wang reports for duty in his first assignment as an officer. When he gets…

Astreya Book 2: The Men of the Sea

Read by Seymour Hamilton

Seymour Hamilton

In The Astreya Trilogy, Book 2: The Men of the Sea, Astreya learns from his grandfather Oron how to control his power over the shipstones ab…

The Warlord of Mars (version 2)

Read by Thomas A. Copeland

Edgar Rice Burroughs

In this third installment of the adventures of John Carter on Mars, our hero labors under sentence of death (for having returned from the la…

Le meraviglie del Duemila

Read by Riccardo Fasol

Emilio Salgari

A cento anni dalla morte di Salgari ecco un suo romanzo che ci racconta come egli immaginava i nostri anni 2000. Il libro narra la storia di…

The Skylark of Space

Read by Richard Kilmer

E. E. “Doc” Smith

The novel begins with the accidental discovery, in a Government laboratory in Washington D. C., of a form of clean nuclear power. Our hero, …

First Lensman

Read by Mark Nelson

E. E. “Doc” Smith

The Secret Planet. No human had ever landed on the hidden planet of Arisia. A mysterious space barrier turned back both men and ships. Then …

Short Science Fiction Collection 001

Read by LibriVox Volunteers


Science fiction (abbreviated SF or sci-fi with varying punctuation and case) is a broad genre of fiction that often involves sociological an…

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