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New World Orders

Read by Edward G. Talbot

Edward G. Talbot

In the nineteen-sixties, a group of wealthy men concludes that it's already too late to stop global warming from destroying the planet. But …

Greenmantle (Version 2)

Read by Tom Weiss

John Buchan

Greenmantle is the second of five Richard Hannay novels by John Buchan, first published in 1916 by Hodder & Stoughton, London. It is one…

Anthem (Version 4)

Read by Greg Giordano

Ayn Rand

Ayn Rand is best known for her classics Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead. One of her earlier works, Anthem, is a dystopian vision of a wo…

The Devil's Paw

Read by Tom Weiss

E. Phillips Oppenheim

A beautiful, intelligent young woman – is she a traitorous spy or a patriot? An aristocratic soldier permanently injured during the war – is…

7th Son: 7 Days (Prequel Anthology)

Read by J.C. Hutchins

J.C. Hutchins

7th Son: 7 Days is a audio prequel anthology to J.C. Hutchins' thriller novel, 7th Son: Descent. Set two weeks before Descent’s extraordinar…

The Red and the Black, Volume I

Read by LibriVox Volunteers


Stendhal - a German pen-name for a French writer who hated the English. Contemporary to some of the great names of French literature like Ba…


Read by Trisha M. Wilson

Trisha M. Wilson

It all started when his best friend died. His eyes turned cold and whatever soul he’d had disappeared. I thought I was going crazy until the…

The Moneychangers

Read by Margaret Espaillat

Upton Sinclair

A story of white collar crime and intrigue told from the point of view of Montague, a member of the privileged class of New York. Montague w…

The Pawns Count

Read by Tom Weiss

E. Phillips Oppenheim

"I am for England and England only," John Lutchester, the Englishman, asserted. "I am for Japan and Japan only," Nikasti…


Read by Richard Kilmer

Laurence M. Janifer

FBI agent Kenneth Malone lives in a world where psionic powers such as telepathy and teleportation exist. He must cope with them as well as …

The Machine

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Upton Sinclair

Upton Sinclair is best known for his novel The Jungle, an expose of the meatpacking industry. He was also a playwright whose works for the s…

On Secret Service

Read by Roger Melin

William Nelson Taft

Detective-Mystery stories based on real cases solved by government agents. Created initially in 1865, the U.S. Secret Service continued to e…

El secreto del ahorcado

Read by Epachuko

Charles Dickens

Cuento largo o novela breve de intriga y suspense escrita por Charles Dickens. El inicio es ya prometedor: No hace al caso referir la manera…

Acts of Desperation

Read by Tim Dodge

Tim Dodge

Ray Davis is newly divorced, going nowhere at a dead-end job in a warehouse, and has almost worked off the debts his ex-wife rang up. Then h…

The Secret Agent: A Simple Tale (Version 2)

Read by Cori Samuel

Joseph Conrad

The Secret Agent tells the story of Adolf and Winnie Verloc. He is a phony anarchist and agent provocateur of the title, and the plot centre…

Orson Welles on Suspense


Orson Welles guest stars on the long-running thriller. Included is Welles' parody of Donovan's Brain. Suspense (CBS) directors: William N. R…

Brain Twister

Read by Catharine Eastman

Laurence M. Janifer

"Mark Phillips" is, or are, two writers: Randall Garrett and Laurence M. Janifer. Their joint pen-name, derived from their middle …

Armand Ptolemy and the Golden Aleph

Read by Mark Jeffrey

Mark Jeffrey

Synchronicity machines. Difference engines melded with the iChing. Geomancy: the art of making stone float with sound. The hacker collective…

The Vanished Messenger

Read by Richard Kilmer

E. Phillips Oppenheim

A conference of European nations is being held in the Hague. England has not been invited to attend. Some think war is about to break out. M…


Read by Tom Weiss

E. Phillips Oppenheim

Havoc occurs when European countries are discussing covert alliances. The story revolves around the creation of a secret alliance between …

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