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Stratagems and Conspiracies to Defraud Life Insurance Companies: An Authentic R…

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John B. Lewis

A thorough treatise on different ways people have tried to defraud life insurance companies, with many entertaining examples. The present …

Holmes' Own Story

Read by Anautumnous

Herman W. Mudgett

An account written by the infamous serial murderer H. H. Holmes in an attempt to exonerate himself while being tried for numerous crimes in …

Henry More Smith: The Mysterious Stranger

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Walter Bates

Sometime in the month of July, 1812, nearly a hundred years ago now, a well dressed, smooth spoken man, less than thirty years of age, made …

Darkness and Daylight; or, Lights and Shadows of New York Life

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Lyman Abbott, Thomas Byrnes, Helen S. Campbell and Thomas Wallace Knox

A Pictorial Record of Personal Experiences by Day and Night in the Great Metropolis, with hundreds of thrilling anecdotes and incidents, ske…

Red Rubber: The Story of the Rubber Slave Trade on the Congo

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Edmund Dene Morel

Morel explains the history and formation of the Congo Free State, owned by King Leopold II. However, Morel, a humanitarian, focuses on the a…

On the Witness Stand: Essays on Psychology and Crime

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Hugo Münsterberg

Eight sketches by one of the pioneers of applied psychology, which highlight the mind of the witness on the witness stand, and how one can b…

Chapter 1

In Celebrated Crimes, Vol. 2: The Massacres of the South

Read by John Van Stan

Alexandre Dumas

Dumas's 'Celebrated Crimes' was not written for children. The novelist has spared no language--has minced no words--to describe the violent …

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