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State of the Union Addresses by United States Presidents (1909 - 1912)

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William Howard Taft

The State of the Union address is a speech presented by the President of the United States to a joint session of the United States Congress,…

Annual Report of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, December 1827

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Commissioner of Indian Affairs and Commissioner Of Indian Affairs

Because the US Constitution gives the power of relating to (and control over) Indian tribes to the federal government, Congress requires upd…

The Greek War of Independence (1821-1827)

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Charles D. Chambers

Written in the style and language of Thucydides, and intended for students in the early stages of learning to read Ancient Greek, this brief…

The Sailor's Word-book, H - M

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William Henry Smyth

A digest of sea terms and phrases, including flora, fauna, fish, fowl and fable of the sea, weaponry aboard ship, parts of a ship, qualities…

Speeches of Prince Bismarck, Part 1

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Otto von Bismarck and Otto Von Bismarck

A collection of Bismarck’s speeches translated by art historian Edmund von Mach and published in 1914 as part of THE GERMAN CLASSICS—an exte…

01 - Laying Plans / 02 - Waging War

In The Art of War

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Sun Tzu 孙武

"The Art of War is a Chinese military treatise written during the 6th century BC by Sun Tzu. Composed of 13 chapters, each of which is …

Ch. 1: The Youth of Elizabeth, Pt. 1

In Queen Elizabeth

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Mandell Creighton

"The Princess Elizabeth of England was born at Greenwich, between three and four of the afternoon of September 7, 1533. Her birth was a…

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