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The Philosophy of Immanuel Kant

Read by A. Bryan Johnson

Alexander Dunlop Lindsay

Born in Scotland, Alexander Dunlop Lindsay was a teacher of philosophy at a number of universities in England in the early 1900s. This brief…

The Corsairs of the South

In The Romance of Piracy

Read by A. Bryan Johnson

Edward Keble Chatterton

The Library of Romance is a series of books concerning the romance of scientific facts, be it biology, chemistry, history, or politics. This…

A Narrative of the Life of Rev. Noah Davis, A Colored Man

Read by Bryan Ness

Noah Davis

The object of the writer, in preparing this account of himself, is toRAISE SUFFICIENT MEANS TO FREE HIS LAST TWO CHILDREN FROM SLAVERY.Havin…

One Third Off

Read by Bryan Ness

Irvin S. Cobb

Irvin Shrewsbury Cobb (June 23, 1876–March 11, 1944) was an American author, humorist, and columnist who lived in New York and wrote over 60…

Young Adventure, A Book of Poems

Read by Bryan Ness

Stephen Vincent Benét

Stephen Vincent Benét (July 22, 1898 – March 13, 1943) was an American author, poet, short story writer and novelist. He is best know…


Read by Kevin Johnson


This dialogue brings Socrates face to face with the famous sophist Gorgias and his followers. It is a work likely completed around the time …


Read by Kevin Johnson


This is an incomplete dialogue from the late period of Plato's life. Plato most likely created it after Republic and it contains the famous …

Troilus and Criseyde

Read by Kevin Johnson

Geoffrey Chaucer

Troilus and Criseyde is a poem by Geoffrey Chaucer which re-tells in Middle English the tragic story of the lovers Troilus and Criseyde set …


Read by Kevin Johnson


Jowett, in his always informative introduction, sees this dialogue as transitional between the early and middle dialogues. Socrates meets wi…

Alcibiades I

Read by Kevin Johnson


As Jowett relates in his brilliant introduction, 95% of Plato's writing is certain and his reputation rests soundly on this foundation. The …

Lesser Hippias

Read by Kevin Johnson


This work may not be by Plato, or his entirely, but Jowett has offered his sublime translation, and seems to lean towards including it in th…

The Vikings

Read by Kevin Johnson

Allen Mawer

This is a concise history of the Vikings by Allen Mawer, MA, Professor of English Language and Literature in Armstrong College, University o…

The Son of Man

Read by CW Johnson

CW Johnson

Imagine they set out to clone the Son of God. Imagine they succeed... The Holy Blood Altar, an elaborate shrine whose centerpiece is said to…

Running Fox

Read by Drew Johnson

Elmer Russell Gregor

Having reached the age of sixteen winters, Running Fox, the son of Black Panther, a famous Delaware war-chief, determined to establish his r…

My Brother's Story

Read by Allen Johnson Jr.

Allen Johnson Jr.

The Blackwater Novels are set in the 1930s along the Blackwater Swamp, near the fictional town of Turpentine, Georgia. Get in trouble with t…

Erotica Romana

Read by A. E. Maroney

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Also known as the "Roman Elegies," Erotica Romana is von Goethe's literary tribute to human sexuality and eroticism. Written in 24…


Read by J A Carter

G. K. Chesterton

With his typical wit and erudition Chesterton presents Christianity as the best answer to a series of interlocking riddles that live in ever…

A Princess of Mars (Version 3)

Read by Thomas A. Copeland

Edgar Rice Burroughs

John Carter is mysteriously conveyed to Mars, where he discovers two intelligent species continually embroiled in warfare. Although he is a …

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