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In Time of War - Medical Unit

In 30 American Poems

Read by Bellona Times

Edgar Lee Masters

This is a sequel of sorts to 37 American Poems, one of my first solos. Concentration here is on late 19th to early 20th Century works by US …

The Balcony

In Short Poetry Collection 109

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Charles Baudelaire (1821-1867) and Charles Baudelaire

This is a collection of poems read by LibriVox volunteers for June 2012.

The Lovers - Read by BT

In The Lovers

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Emily Dickinson

LibriVox volunteers bring you 27 recordings of The Lovers by Emily Dickinson. This was the Weekly Poetry project for May 27, 2012.The verses…

Chapter 4 by Dorothy Canfield (1879-1958)

In The Sturdy Oak

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At a certain committee meeting held in the spring of 1916, it was agreed that fourteen leading American authors, known to be extremely gener…

Waukewa's Eagle

In Children's Short Works, Vol. 014

Read by Bellona Times

James Buckham

LibriVox’s Children’s Short Works Collection 014: a collection of 15 short works for children in the public domain read by a variety of Libr…

01 - Chapter 1

In The Gray Plague

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Lloyd Eshbach

End of the world sci-fi tale borrows heavily from H.G. Wells' WOTW and In The Days of the Comet -- looks like fun ! ( Summary by BellonaTime…

1 - Christmas In The Desert

In Little Tales of the Desert

Read by Bellona Times

Ethel Twycross Foster

A six year-old girl named Mary spends Christmas vacation with her parents in the Arizona desert of 1901 or thereabouts. ( Summary by Bellona…

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