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The Untempered Wind

Read by Bruce Pirie

Joanna E. Wood

Upon publication of “The Untempered Wind” in 1894, Joanna Wood quickly rose to international prominence, becoming in the next few years the …

A Superfluous Woman

Read by Bruce Pirie

Emma Francis Brooke

Published anonymously in 1894, “A Superfluous Woman” quickly became one of the most widely read of the “New Woman” novels that appeared at t…

The Imperialist

Read by Bruce Pirie

Mrs. Everard Cotes and Sara Jeannette Duncan

“The Imperialist,” a novel by Sara Jeannette Duncan, published in 1904, is a portrait of life in small-town Ontario at the beginning of the …

Settlers of the Marsh

Read by Bruce Pirie

Frederick Philip Grove

The novel “Settlers of the Marsh” (1925) is a foundational work of realism in Canadian fiction. Its author, Frederick Philip Grove, a German…

A Daughter of Today

Read by Bruce Pirie

Sara Jeannette Duncan

The Canadian author Sara Jeannette Duncan (aka Mrs. Everard Cotes) is today best known for her 1904 novel of Ontario life, “The Imperialist”…

Over Prairie Trails

Read by Bruce Pirie

Frederick Philip Grove

When Frederick Philip Grove settled in a remote area of Manitoba in the early years of the 20th century, he found work teaching in a school …

The Story of a Modern Woman (Version 2)

Read by Bruce Pirie

Ella Hepworth Dixon

“The Story of a Modern Woman” (1894) is a work of feminist social realism. In its time it was one of the most famous and influential novels …

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