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Napoleon The First, An Intimate Biography

Read by Celine Major

Walter Geer

Excerpt: "Now that one hundred years have elapsed since the "long-drawn agony" of Saint Helena we think that the time has com…

Recollections of Napoleon at St. Helena

Read by Celine Major

Elizabeth Balcombe Abell

In this memoir written by Betsy Balcombe, who was a precocious 14 year old at the time of events, we are provided with a rare account of the…

The Suffragette: The History of the Women's Militant Suffrage Movement

Read by Celine Major

E. Sylvia Pankhurst

This history of the Women's Suffrage agitation is written at a time when the question is in the very forefront of British politics. What the…

Alice of Old Vincennes

Read by Celine Major

Maurice Thompson

This entertaining book of adventure, love and war was a Bestseller in 1900 and 1901. The heroine Alice Roussillon is a brave young woman who…

Charles Rex

Read by Celine Major

Ethel M. Dell

Excerpt: "Saltash was thoroughly cosmopolitan in his tastes; he liked amusement but he abhorred boredom. He was never really wicked unl…

Napoleon and Josephine 'The Rise of the Empire'

Read by Celine Major

Walter Geer

FOREWORD: "In the popular estimation the Empress Josephine is crowned with a halo of goodness which makes the task of her biographer on…

The Yellow Holly

Read by Celine Major

Fergus Hume

Fergus Hume, one of the most prolific authors of the 19th century serves up a spellbinding mystery quite equal to that of his most famous bo…

Women of the French Revolution

Read by Celine Major

Winifred Stephens Whale

(Excerpt) One aspect of this subject of revolutionary women, their connection with the secret societies of the day I have purposely ignored.…

Perkins, the Fakeer: A Travesty on Reincarnation

Read by Celine Major

Edward S. Van Zile

As the title suggests we are treated to three humourous and curious psychical transpositions in the cases of "When Reginald was Carolin…

Twenty Years of the Republic 1885-1905

Read by Celine Major

Harry Thurston Peck

Excerpt: At the time when Mr. Cleveland was inaugurated there had been no Democratic President for a full quarter of a century. A whole gene…

Some American Storytellers

Read by Celine Major

Frederic Taber Cooper

Frederic Taber Cooper, who was an editor and author, provides a superb insight into the works of some of the most popular authors of the tur…

The Actress in High Life: An Episode in Winter Quarters

Read by Celine Major

Susan Petigru King-Bowen

1812 is the year and Portugal the location for this adventure. The characters for the most part are British officers. Lord Strathern sends f…

Lost -- A Pearle

Read by Celine Major

Mrs. Georgie Sheldon

The drama, suspense, wonderful characters and the fantastic multi faceted plot in this book will have you turning the pages quickly to disco…

Memoirs of the Court of Marie Antoinette

Read by Celine Major

Henriette Campan

Introduced into the royal household as court reader at the age of 15 and later rising to the office of first lady-in-waiting to Marie Antoin…

Book The Tenth Chapter 4 Only a Dream

In Charlotte's Inheritance

Read by Celine Major

Mary Elizabeth Braddon

A lesser known novel by the sensational English novelist, Charlotte's Inheritance opens in Paris in a dilapidated boarding house let to stud…

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