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19 - Book 2, Chapter 1

In The History of Pompey the Little

Read by Cori Samuel

Francis Coventry

"Pompey, the son of Julio and Phyllis, was born A.D. 1735, at Bologna in Italy, a place famous for lap-dogs and sausages." At an e…

01 - Chapter 1

In John Halifax, Gentleman

Read by Cori Samuel

Dinah Craik and Dinah Maria Mulock Craik

This novel, published in 1856, was one of the popular and beloved novels in the Victorian era. It is told in the first person by Phineas Fle…

Rain at Night

In Short Poetry Collection 084

Read by Cori Samuel

Helen Hoyt

This is an open collection of poems for the months of November and December 2009.

01 - Foreword. Overture (Prelude, Refrain)

In A Guide to Men

Read by Cori Samuel

Helen Rowland

A series of occasionally witty one-liners, poems and considerations on the subject of Men, Women and their Conjunction. By turns tender, bla…


In Chronicles of Canada Volume 01 - The Dawn of Canadian History: A Chronicle of A…

Read by Cori Samuel

Stephan Leacock and Stephen Leacock

This book describes Canada from the beginning of existence to its first European discoverers and includes a brief history of the aboriginal …

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