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Of the Law and a Christian

In Miscellaneous Pieces

Read by David Barnes

John Bunyan

John Bunyan (November 28, 1628 – August 31, 1688), a Christian writer and preacher, was born at Harrowden (one mile south-east of Bedford), …

The Constant Lover - Read by DRB

In The Constant Lover

Read by David Barnes

Sir John Suckling

Sir John Suckling (1609-42) was one of the Cavalier poets at the court of King Charles I of England. He took up arms in the conflicts of tha…

Preface and Introduction

In What I Believe

Read by David Barnes

Count Leo Tolstoy - translated by Constantine Popoff and Leo Tolstoy

"The inner working of my soul, which I wish to speak of here, was not the result of a methodical investigation of doctrinal theology, o…

Kubla Khan read by David Barnes

In Kubla Khan

Read by David Barnes

Samuel Taylor Coleridge

LibriVox volunteers bring you 19 different recordings of Kubla Khan by Samuel Taylor Coleridge. This was the weekly poetry project for the w…

More Sanguinary Triumphs: Onward March of Civilization Graphically Delineated w…

In Comic History of England

Read by David Barnes

Bill Nye

Edgar Wilson “Bill” Nye (1850 – 1896) was a distinguished American journalist, who later became widely known as a humorist. Jim “jimmowatt” …

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