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Strangers at Lisconnel

Read by James E. Carson

Jane Barlow

Strangers at Lisconnel is a sequel to Jane Barlow’s Irish Idylls. The locations and most of the characters are common to both. There is grea…

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In Journal of a Voyage to Lisbon

Read by James E. Carson

Henry Fiedling and Henry Fielding

Sailing voyage from England to Portugal in the mid Eighteenth Century, by one of the premier humorists, satirists, novelists and playwrights…

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In Father Goriot

Read by James E. Carson

Honore Balzac and Honoré de Balzac

One of Balzac's most popular works, set around 1815 during the re-ascendancy of the Bourbon kings following the defeat of Napoleon. Said to …

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In The Black Prophet: A Tale of Irish Famine

Read by James E. Carson

William Carleton

A story about the Irish, just before the onset of the famine of 1847, with all the color and dialogue of a man who lived it. (Summary by JCa…

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