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A Social History of the American Negro

Read by Jim Locke

Benjamin Griffith Brawley

A comprehensive history of what experiences and influences created the Negro American citizen as we find him at the beginning of the twentie…

The Chronicles of America Volume 14 - Washington and His Colleagues

Read by Jim Locke

Henry Jones Ford

This next volume of the Chronicles of American series investigates Washington's development in the day to day world the various dimensions o…

The Aeroplane in War

Read by Jim Locke

Claude Grahame-White

"Although it is still a crude machine—in view of the perfected apparatuswhich is the aim of thoughtful designers—the aeroplane has demo…

The Mob Violence and the American Negro: My Experience in the Sunny South

Read by Jim Locke

Velley Lester

According to the author of the Preface, "Mr. Lester is also zealous to bring about a better relation and a better understanding between…

Imperium in Imperio: A Study of the Negro Race Problem

Read by Jim Locke

Sutton Griggs

Imperium in Imperio is a historical fiction novel by Sutton Griggs, published in 1899. The novel covers the life of Belton Piedmont, an educ…

In Old Plantation Days

Read by Jim Locke

Paul Laurence Dunbar

With this collection of short stories, Dunbar sought to draw on the success of his dialect poems by recreating and portraying the southern p…

St. Elmo

Read by Jim Locke

Augusta Jane Evans

Written in prose and full of references to religion and mythology, this book tells the love story between St. Elmo and Edna. He is cynical a…

The Life of Washington, Volume 5

Read by Jim Locke

John James Marshall

Volume five of John Marshall's biography follows Washington through his second term ending in the election of John Adams and Washington's re…

The Chronicles of America Volume 11 - Eve of the Revolution

Read by Jim Locke

Carl L. Becker

Here is a look at the evolution of thought and events that led Benjamin Franklin to make this statement: "British subjects, by removing…

The Garies and their Friends

Read by Jim Locke

Frank Webb

The book which now appears before the public may be of interest in relation to a question which the late agitation of the subject of slavery…

Rousseau and Education According to Nature

Read by Jim Locke

Thomas Davidson

In my Volume on Aristotle in this series, I tried to give an account of ancient, classical, and social Education; in the present volume I ha…

The Passing of the Great Race

Read by Jim Locke

Madison Grant

The rapidly growing appreciation of the importance of race during the last few years, the study of the influence of race on nationality as s…

William Lloyd Garrison, the Abolitionist

Read by Jim Locke

Archibald Grimké

"THE author of this volume desires . . . to say . . . that it is his earnest hope that this record of a hero may be an aid to brave and…

Savage Holiday

Read by Jim Locke

Richard Wright

Savage Holiday is an unforgettable story--a high tension drama that throbs with suspense and shows the reader what it's like to be Erskine F…

The Life of Washington, Volume 4

Read by Jim Locke

John James Marshall

This fourth volume covers the final battles and the peace conditions of the war, Washington at home, Washington as first President, and the …

The Gift of Black Folk: The Negroes in the Making of America

Read by Jim Locke

W. E. B. Du Bois

This essay is an attempt to set forth more clearly than has hitherto been done the effect which the Negro has had upon American life. Its th…

The Fortunes of Nigel

Read by Jim Locke

Sir Walter Scott

During the turbulent moment in English history involving King James 1 and 6, Nigel Olifaunt, a Scottish lord, seeks to protect his family ho…

Sree Krishna, The Lord of Love

Read by Jim Locke

Baba Premanand Bharati

I beg to present this my humble work to the English reader. It is the history of the Universe from its birth to its dissolution. I have expl…

Sowing and Reaping

Read by Jim Locke

Frances E. W. Harper

This novel is subtitled A Temperance Story, which identifies explicitly the focus of the work. Frances Harper is a Christian moralist and us…

Wild Bird Guests

Read by Jim Locke

Ernest Baynes

How to entertain them; with chapters on the destruction of birds, their economic and aesthetic values, suggestions for dealing with their en…

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