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Rudyard Kipling

In Peeps at People - Being Certain Papers from the Writings of Anne Warrington Wit…

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John Kendrick Bangs

Written by a fictitious first-person narrator, this book puts a humorous spin on encounters with several famous people of the time. "I …

Book One, Chapter VI

In Corporal Cameron of the North West Mounted Police - A Tale of the Macleod Trail

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Ralph Connor

Cameron, a young man from Edinburgh, is a university student who is a rising star on the football team. When the big day comes and he nearly…

Chapter VIII part 1

In The Deluge Volume 1

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Henryk Sienkiewicz

The Deluge (Polish: Potop) is a historical novel by the Polish author Henryk Sienkiewicz, published in 1886. It is the second volume of a th…

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