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Ch 8 A Golden Nugget

In Fame and Fortune Weekly No. 16: A Good Thing

Read by Keith Salis

Frank Tousey

Bruce Hardy and Joe Ramsey are chums from Hurricane Hill Military Academy in Jew Jersey. From their studies to sports and even their daring …

The South Sea Bubble

In Caroline the Illustrious, Vol. 1

Read by Keith Salis

William Henry Wilkins

Caroline moved to England from Hanover when her father-in-law became George I and her husband Prince of Wales. She had a tumultuous relation…


In Around the clock in Europe: A travel sequence

Read by Keith Salis

Charles Fish Howell

In this travelog, the author takes us on a tour of European cities, giving snapshots at given times of the day from midday til midnight.

The Head of the Family

In Cripps the Carrier

Read by Keith Salis

Richard Doddridge Blackmore

Esther Cripps, the younger sister of the Carrier, Zacchary Cripps, witnesses the disposal of what appears to be the body of the only daughte…

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