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Tasmania, 1837-1890

In History of Australia and New Zealand from 1696 to 1890

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George Sutherland and Alexander Sutherland

This work provides a history of the early political, social, and economic development of Australia and New Zealand. Since both British colon…

The Name of This Devotion

In The Excellence of the Rosary

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Rev. Math Josef Frings

A series of conferences given in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary, to explain the history, meaning and purpose of the Holy Rosary. (Summary …

Chapters 1 and 2 of the Toronto Cookbook

In Insomnia Collection Vol. 004

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Mrs. E. J. Powell

Soporific dullness is in the ear of the listener, and what's tedium incarnate to one person will be another person's passion and delight. Ho…

The God in the Cellar

In G.K. Chesterton's Newspaper Columns: The New Witness - November 1919 to April 1…

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G. K. Chesterton

A collection of the newspaper columns/essays written by G.K. Chesterton for "The New Witness", under the heading "At the Sign…

The Man on the Hill

In Cherry Ames, Island Nurse

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Helen Wells

A private duty nursing case takes Cherry Ames to a remote Canadian island, where a mystery surrounds a mining operation. The Cherry Ames se…

The need for preparations

In The Anti-Coup

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Gene Sharp

Supporters of political democracy, human rights, and social justice have good reasons to be alarmed about coups d'état. These abrupt …

Stepping Heavenward - Chapter IX Part I

In The Life and Letters of Elizabeth Prentiss

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George Prentiss

This memoir was undertaken at the request of many of Mrs. Prentiss' old and most trusted friends, who felt that the story of her life should…

Introduces an Unusual Uncle

In A Prefect's Uncle

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P. G. Wodehouse

The action of the novel takes place at the fictional "Beckford College", a private school for boys; the title alludes to the arriv…

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