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Warlord of Kor (version 2)

Read by Mark Nelson

Terry Carr

GOD, MACHINE--OR LISTENING POST FOR OUTSIDERS?Horng sat opposite the tiny, fragile creature who held a microphone, its wires attached to an …

Masters of Space

Read by Mark Nelson

E. E. “Doc” Smith

The Masters had ruled all space with an unconquerable iron fist. But the Masters were gone. And this new, young race who came now to take th…

The Hill of Dreams

Read by Mark Nelson

Arthur Machen

The novel recounts the life of a young man, Lucian Taylor, focusing on his dreamy childhood in rural Wales, in a town based on Caerleon. The…

Doomsday Eve

Read by Mark Nelson

Robert Moore Williams

In the midst of the war—that terrible conflict that threatened humanity's total destruction—the "new people" suddenly appeared. Qu…

The Red Hell of Jupiter

Read by Mark Nelson

Paul Ernst

What is the mystery centered in Jupiter's famous "Red Spot"? Two fighting Earthmen, caught by the "Pipe-men" like their …

Sentry of the Sky

Read by Mark Nelson

Evelyn E. Smith

There had to be a way for Sub-Archivist Clarey to get up in the world—but this way was right out of the tri-di dramas. - Summary by original…

A Gentleman of Leisure

Read by Mark Nelson

P. G. Wodehouse

A wealthy, love-sick bachelor, crooks, and card-sharps ensconced in an English castle make for a classic Wodehousian comedy of star-crossed …

The Clockwork Man

Read by Mark Nelson

E. V. Odle

In the future, people will be fitted with clockwork devices in their heads which, among other things, allows them to travel through time. We…

Piccadilly Jim (version 2)

Read by Mark Nelson

P. G. Wodehouse

Jimmy "Piccadilly Jim" Crocker returns to New York to repair his reputation and pursue his love-interest, Ann Chester. All he has …

Legacy (Version 2)

Read by Mark Nelson

James H. Schmitz

Ancient living machines that after millennia of stillness suddenly begin to move under their own power, for reasons that remain a mystery to…

The Golden Slave

Read by Mark Nelson

Poul William Anderson

100 B.C.The Cimbrian hordes galloped across the dawn of history and clashed in screaming battle against the mighty Roman legions.Led by thei…

Main Street (Version 2)

Read by Mark Nelson

Sinclair Lewis

Carol Milford, a college-educated, progressive, ambitious young woman, is self-sufficient working as a librarian in St. Paul, when she meets…

Jurgen, A Comedy of Justice

Read by Mark Nelson

James Branch Cabell

Jurgen, A Comedy of Justice is a fantasy book by James Branch Cabell, which gained fame (or notoriety) shortly after its publication in 1919…

A Man Obsessed

Read by Mark Nelson

Alan Edward Nourse and Alan E. Nourse

Jeffrey Meyer had a killing on his mind. It meant nothing to him that his towering Twenty-first Century world was going mad. He shouldered a…

Citadel of the Star Lords

Read by Mark Nelson

Edmond Hamilton

Out of the dark vastness of the void came a conquering horde, incredible and invincible, with Earth's only weapon—a man from the past! From …

The Man with the Clubfoot

Read by Mark Nelson

Valentine Williams

"The Man with the Clubfoot" is one of the most ingenious and sinister secret agents in Europe. It is to him that the task is assig…

The Steam Man of the Prairies

Read by Mark Nelson

Edward S. Ellis

Ethan Hopkins and Mickey McSquizzle-a "Yankee" and an "Irishman"-encounter a colossal, steam-powered man in the American…

The Return of Clubfoot

Read by Mark Nelson

Valentine Williams

Whilst spending a holiday in a small Central American Republic, Desmond Okewood, of the Secret Service, learns from a dying beachcomber of a…

War and Peace, Volume 1 (Maude translation)

Read by Mark Nelson

Leo Tolstoy

Leo Tolstoy’s epic historical novel chronicling the Napoleonic war in Russia. Considered one of the greatest works of literature of all time…

A Journey into the Interior of the Earth (Version 2)

Read by Mark Nelson

Jules Verne

A German scientist discovers an ancient runic message, which when translated proves to be a map to the center of a hollow Earth! The profess…

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