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Observations On The Declaration Of Rights

In Rights Of Man

Read by Michele Fry

Thomas Paine

A book in 2 Parts, published in 1791 and 1792. Part First denounces Edmund Burke’s defense of monarchy and his attacks against the French Re…

A Legend Of The Dawn

In Short Story Collection Vol. 060

Read by Michele Fry

Lord Dunsany

LibriVox readers bring you 20 short stories in various genres by authors including Edna Ferber, Charlotte Brontë, Stephan Crane, W. Som…

The Lake Isle of Innisfree

In Short Poetry Collection 127

Read by Michele Fry

William Butler Yeats

This is a collection of 21 poems read by LibriVox volunteers for December 2013.

Chapter XVIII

In White Dandy: A Horse's Story

Read by Michele Fry

Velma Caldwell Melville

This book is written from the horse's point of view, much as Black Beauty was. Indeed, it is intended to be a companion book to Black Beaut…

Why I Am An Agnostic - Part 1

In The Works Of Robert G. Ingersoll, Volume 4

Read by Michele Fry

Robert G. Ingersoll

Col. Robert G. Ingersoll, one of the greatest orators of the mid-19th century, was a highly sought after lecturer/toastmaster who sold out e…

The Unconstitutionality of the Laws of Congress, Prohibiting Private Mails

In Short Nonfiction Collection Vol. 032

Read by Michele Fry

Lysander Spooner

Fifteen short nonfiction works in the public domain, independently chosen by the readers. Topics include the history of aeroplanes, politica…

Bethune v. Bethune

In The Shadow of a Man

Read by Michele Fry

E. W. Hornung

Set in rural Australia, this mystery novel follows a pair of newlyweds who are determined to make their improbable marriage work, no matter …

Wherein "Fingerless" Fraser Returns

In The Silver Horde

Read by Michele Fry

Rex Beach

The Silver Horde , is set in Kalvik, a fictionalized community in Bristol Bay, Alaska, and tells the story of a down on his luck gold miner …

Chapter 13

In The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (Dramatic Reading)

Read by Michele Fry

Mark Twain

Growing up on the banks of the Mississippi river, a mischievous boy named Tom Sawyer spends his days getting into one scrape after another. …

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