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The Crock of Gold

Read by Michele Fry

James Stephens

This is a comic novel written by Irish author James Stephens, a quick-witted storyteller whose pantheistic philosophy is revealed in his adu…

Mongan's Frenzy

Read by Michele Fry

James Stephens

James Stephens is famous for his retellings of Irish myths and fairy tales. This tale is about 1.5 hours in length, full of magical lore and…

Optimism, An Essay

Read by Michele Fry

Helen Keller

Though blind, deaf, and left-handed too, it seemed nothing could hold Helen Keller back. For her graduation from Radcliffe College in 1903, …

Chapter 35 part 1 - “Artimus Ward” - Tom Robertson - Allingham - Mrs. Allingham…

In Autobiography Memories and Experiences, Volume 2

Read by Michele Fry

Moncure Daniel Conway

Moncure Daniel Conway was an American abolitionist, Unitarian, clergyman and author. This second volume of his autobiography covers the year…

Chapter VIII

In Hagar's Daughter. A Story of Southern Caste Prejudice

Read by Michele Fry

Pauline Elizabeth Hopkins

Hagar's Daughter was first published serially in "The Colored American Magazine" in 1901-1902 by Pauline E. Hopkins, a prominent A…

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