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A Play-house in the Waste

In The Untilled Field

Read by NoelBadrian

George Moore and George Logan Moore

George Moore, an Irish writer involved with the Celtic Revival was influenced by the French Realists and particularly by the work of É…

The Ould Hound

In A Dog's Book of Verse

Read by NoelBadrian

J. Earl Clauson

It is not surprising that dogs, beloved by so many, have received many poetic tributes throughout history. Here the author has gathered tog…


In Charmides, and Other Poems

Read by NoelBadrian

Oscar Wilde

This is a volume of poetry by Oscar Wilde, containing some of his rather famous longer poetry in the first part, and a section of sonnets in…

Part 1, Chapter 1 - The Motor Gun

In Men, Women and Guns

Read by NoelBadrian

H. C. McNeile and Sapper

World War I stories, as told through the eyes of someone who was there, but leavened with humour and an eye for the ridiculous side of human…

The Absent-Minded Coterie, Part 1

In The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes, Vol. 2

Read by NoelBadrian

Robert Barr

The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes was a British TV series from the early 70s that dramatized stories written contemporaneously with the Sherlock…

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