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The Natural History of Selborne

Read by Peter Yearsley

Gilbert White

The Reverend Gilbert White was the curate of the village of Selborne, a village in Hampshire, from 1784 to his death in 1793, living most of…

Highways and Byways in Sussex

Read by Peter Yearsley

E. V. Lucas

A very personal and opinionated wander through the Sussex of around 1900, illustrated with anecdotes, literary and poetic quotations, graves…

Sappho: One Hundred Lyrics (version 2)

Read by Peter Yearsley

Bliss Carman

Sappho lived six centuries before Christ, at a period when lyric poetry was peculiarly esteemed and cultivated at the centres of Greek life.…


Read by Peter Yearsley

A. W. Bitting

The Bittings have written a number of books on canning and home preparation of food. This short volume includes a brief description of the p…

London Labour and the London Poor Volume I

Read by Peter Yearsley

Henry Mayhew

Subtitled, "A Cyclopaedia of the condition and earnings of those that will work, those that cannot work, and those that will not work.&…

The Country of the Blind, and Other Stories

Read by Peter Yearsley

H. G. Wells

A collection of Wells' short stories, with a short introductory essay by the author- "Essentially it is a miscellany of inventions, man…

A Text-book of Assaying

Read by Peter Yearsley

Cornelius Beringer and Cornelius Beringerandjohn Jacob Beringer

This is a formal but relaxed text covering assaying techniques for most of the substances which are mined. As the authors say: "At firs…

Phallic Worship

Read by Peter Yearsley

Hargrave Jennings

A fairly scholarly, short survey of religious sexual symbols and practices from ancient times to the near-present, and within various countr…

On the Preparations of the Indian Hemp

Read by Peter Yearsley

William Brooke O'Shaughnessy

The author investigated the uses of cannabis resin as an anticonvulsant and relaxant in cases of tetanus, cholera, and infantile convulsions…

The Rookeries of London

Read by Peter Yearsley

Thomas Beames

Rev. Thomas Beames (1815 – 1864) was a preacher at St. James, Westminster in London. He compiled his own eye-witness accounts of the most no…

Dissertation on Oriental Gardening

Read by Peter Yearsley

William Chambers

A little essay on the Chinese style of gardening, as opposed to the continental style, which the author finds too formal with too many strai…

Neighbourhood – A Year’s Life in and About an English Village (version 2)

Read by Peter Yearsley

Tickner Edwardes

Tickner Edwardes (properly Edward Tickner Edwardes) served in the Royal Army Medical Corps during WWI and later became the vicar of the West…

Underground London

Read by Peter Yearsley

John Hollingshead

From the Preface: "This book contains an account, more or less readable, of most things belonging to "Underground London", pa…

Wonderful London

Read by Peter Yearsley


"Wonderful London, its lights and shadows of humour and sadness". (That's the full title of the book.) A collection of short essay…

The Book of the Cheese

Read by Peter Yearsley

Thomas Wilson Reid

"Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese" is a pub on Fleet Street, London. It was rebuilt after the Great Fire of 1666, and has been frequented …

Stained Glass

In Arts and Crafts Essays

Read by Peter Yearsley


A series of essays by Members of the Arts and Crafts Exhibition Society with a preface by William Morris who writes "It is this conscio…

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