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Chapter XXX - Mrs. Skinner's Romance

In Anne of the Island (version 4)

Read by Rachel

Lucy Maud Montgomery

The third book in the Anne of Green Gables series accompanies beloved redhead Anne Shirley to Redmond College. Here Anne receives numerous p…

'I Must Love First, before I Can Give'

In Jill's Red Bag

Read by Rachel

Amy Le Feuvre

Jack and Jill, along with their little sister "Bumps", are two pickles. Their curious, wild ways are too much for their guardians.…

The Lost Lamb Found

In A Peep Behind the Scenes (version 2)

Read by Rachel

Mrs. O. F. Walton

Rosalie lived every child's dream: she belonged to a circus! She got to have fun all day, every day; she did not even have to pay to be a pa…

Chapter The Last

In Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (version 7)

Read by Rachel

Mark Twain

A slightly more complex sequel to Mark Twain's original book, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, this book really shows the true side of racism i…


In The Lion of Saint Mark: A Story of Venice in the Fourteenth Century

Read by Rachel

G. A. Henty

"Of all the chapters of history, there are few more interesting or wonderful than that which tells the story of the rise and progress …

A Talk About Elephants

In The Cliff Climbers

Read by Rachel

Thomas Mayne Reid

A plant hunter, Karl Linden, and his brother Caspar are on their way to the Himalayas to collect the plants of that region. Many adventures…

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