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Ch 14 Another Clue

In The Film Mystery

Read by Roger Melin

Arthur B. Reeve

The Film Mystery is one of eighteen detective novels by Arthur B. Reeve starring his best known character Professor Craig Kennedy and his tr…

Ch 01-Boyhood and Youth

In Theodore Roosevelt: an Autobiography

Read by Roger Melin

Theodore Roosevelt

In his vital, illustrative and dynamic autobiography, Theodore Roosevelt let us into the life that formed one of the greatest and outspoken …


In Famous Men of Greece

Read by Roger Melin

John H. Haaren and A. B. Poland and John Henry Haaren

Famous Men of Greece is a series of biographical sketches written for the purpose of making the study of history lively and interesting by g…

The Parlor-Maid's Story

In The Secret Passage

Read by Roger Melin

Fergus Hume

Excellent murder mystery. On September 9, 1905, the NY Times Saturday Review of Books described this book as follows: "That painstaking…

Chapter 04

In War and Peace, Book 07: 1810-1811

Read by Roger Melin

Leo Tolstoy

War and Peace (Russian: Война и мир, Voyna i mir; in original orthography: Война и миръ, Voyna i mir") is an epic novel by Leo Tolstoy,…

Chapter 1

In The Alaskan

Read by Roger Melin

James Oliver Curwood

A wilderness story of adventure and intrigue in Alaska in the 1920’s. Summary by Maire Rhode.

Smoking Under King William III and Queen Anne

In The Social History of Smoking

Read by Roger Melin

George L. Apperson

This work tells the history of smoking in England from the social point of view. Thus it does not deal with the history of tobacco growing o…

P-1 Ch 11-A The Stool-Pigeon

In The Adventures of Jimmie Dale

Read by Roger Melin

Frank L. Packard

Frank Lucius Packard (February 2, 1877 – February 17, 1942) was a Canadian novelist born in Montreal, Quebec. He worked as a civil engineer …

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