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07 - Vida, part 1

In Divers Women

Read by TriciaG

Pansy & Mrs. C.M. Livingston and Pansy

A collection of short stories, highlighting some of the best and worst characteristics we women are capable of in our Christianity and in ou…

01 - Advertisement of the last London edition & Account of the author

In The Anatomy of Melancholy Volume 1

Read by TriciaG

Robert Burton

The Anatomy of Melancholy is a book by Robert Burton, first published in 1621. On its surface, the book is a medical textbook in which Burto…

Chapter 1

In The Finding of Jasper Holt

Read by TriciaG

Grace Livingston Hill

Jasper Holt was a neglected child. As a consequence, he grew up to be angry and independent - generally good, but not caring what others tho…

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