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Der Kranke

In Wir fanden einen Pfad: Neue Gedichte

Read by Victoria Asztaller

Christian Morgenstern

Dies ist eine Sammlung von 47 Gedichten von Christian Morgenstern. Die Sammlung "Wir fanden einen Pfad" war der letzte Gedichtband…

The Crewel One

In The One-Eyed Fairies

Read by Victoria Neely

Georgia Eldridge Hanley

Cute children's book about a little girl named Margaret. Struggling with her sewing lessons, Margaret is relieved to find the needles in her…

Profitable Bee-keeping.—Letter from England

In The American Bee Journal. Vol. VI, No. 4, Oct 1870

Read by Victoria Neely


The American Bee Journal is the “oldest bee paper in America established in 1861 devoted to scientific bee-culture and the production and sa…

A Breakfast Lost

In The Tale of Grandfather Mole (version 2)

Read by Victoria Neely

Arthur Scott Bailey

"There was a queer old person that lived in Farmer Green's garden. Nobody knew exactly how long he had made his home there because his …

Of Nurseries to Ponds and Fish

In The History of Esculent Fish

Read by Victoria James

Roger North

Roger North, son of Dudley North, 4th Baron North, was a successful member of the bar and later member of parliament. But he had wide rangi…

The Merchant's Tale

In The Canterbury Tales and Other Poems

Read by Victoria Quint

Geoffrey Chaucer

Generally considered to be the first book written in English (rather than Latin, French or Italian), Chaucer's magnum opus is a collection o…

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