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In Grimm's Fairy Stories

Read by Victoria

Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm and Jacob & Wilhelm Grimm

Fairies, Evil Step Mothers, Enchanted Forests, Golden Geese, Poor Little Children, Fairy Godmothers, Magic wells, and oh, so many many more …

'The Village in the Jungle' as colonial memoir: Woolf writing home

In Leonard Woolf's The Village in the Jungle (1913): A Day Symposium

Read by Victoria Glendinning


University of Oxford Podcasts

The neocolonial prison and the ‘mark’ of whiteness in current Argentina: Race, g…

In Border Criminologies

Read by Victoria Pereyra


University of Oxford Podcasts

The Water Supply for the Nicaragua Canal; by Arthur P. Davis

In The National Geographic Magazine Vol. 11

Read by Victoria Scrimer

National Geographic Society

The National Geographic Magazine, an illustrated monthly, Vol XI, January to December 1900.

The Merchant's Tale

In The Canterbury Tales and Other Poems

Read by Victoria Quint

Geoffrey Chaucer

Generally considered to be the first book written in English (rather than Latin, French or Italian), Chaucer's magnum opus is a collection o…

A Backward Spring - Read by VS

In A Backward Spring

Read by Victoria Sandels

Thomas Hardy

LibriVox volunteers bring you 22 recordings of A Backward Spring by Thomas Hardy.This was the Weekly Poetry project for March 19, 2023. …

03 - John Paul Jones

In The Child's Book of American Biography

Read by Laura Victoria

Mary Stoyell Stimpson

In every country there have been certain men and women whose busy lives have made the world better or wiser. The names of such are heard so …

Salem Witches

In The Story of the Thirteen Colonies

Read by Laura Victoria

H. A. Guerber

These short vignettes of American history are written for the young reader. Each one is a little capsule of a person or event. They run fr…

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