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The Dark House

In The Mysteries of London Vol. I part 1

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George W. M. Reynolds

The Mysteries of London was a best-selling novel in mid-Victorian England. The first series was published in weekly instalments from 1844-4…

Second Part, Chapter I, part 3b. The conquerors of central America.

In Celebrated Travels and Travellers, vol. 1

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Jules Verne

The famous writer of great adventure stories Jules Verne wrote also several lesser known, but good non-fiction works. "Celebrated trave…

Chapter 21

In Cutlass and Cudgel

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George Manville Fenn

Based around the crew of cutter HMS White Hawk, this is a tale of smuggling in the early 19th century off the coast of Wessex. The midshipma…

29 - Section 29

In The Purple Cloud

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Matthew Phipps Shiel

The story, a recording of a medium's meditation over the future writing of the text, details the narrator's (Adam Jeffson's) expedition to t…

Part 3 The Evidences of Evolution – Section 3 Paleontology – Chapter 37a The Ev…

In Organic Evolution

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Richard Swann Lull

Organic Evolution is a college textbook that describes the mechanism of biological evolution by natural selection. It then explores the evid…

Chapter LXVI

In The Pharaoh and the Priest

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Bolesław Prus

The Pharaoh and the Priest (Polish: Faraon) is the fourth and last major novel by the Polish writer Bolesław Prus. It was the sole historica…

35 - A Storm

In The Red and the Black, Volume II

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Stendhal - a German pen-name for a French writer who hated the English. Contemporary to some of the great names of French literature like Ba…

Lesson Six. Peacocks, Pigeons, etc..

In The Elements of Ornithology

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William Ruschenberger

The Elements of Ornithology is one of seven in a Series of First Books of Natural History Prepared for the Use of Schools and Colleges. This…

Seven Hundred and Fifteenth Night to Seven Hundred and Seventeenth Night

In The Book of A Thousand Nights and a Night (Arabian Nights), Volume 07

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Anonymoustranslated Byrichard Francis Burton

This is a collection of stories collected over thousands of years by various authors, translators and scholars. They are an amalgam of mytho…

04 - Waiting Years

In The Life and Ventures of the Original John Jacob Astor

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Elizabeth Louisa Gebhard

John Jacob Astor was pre-eminently the opener of new paths, a breaker of trails. From his first tramp alone through the Black Forest of Bade…

Selected works

In Library of the World's Best Literature, Ancient and Modern, volume 04

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Charles Dudely Warner, ed. and William Barnes

The Library of the World's Best Literature, Ancient and Modern, is a work of enormous proportions. Setting out with the simple goal of offer…


In The Little House in the Fairy Wood

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Ethel Cook Eliot

A lonely boy is taken in by the friendly inhabitants of a little house in the woods. Through this adventure, he finds the fairy folk, nature…