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Psalm 25

In Expositions on the Book of Psalms Vol. 1

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Saint Augustine of Hippo

The Book of Psalms is commonly known as the Psalms or the Psalter, and is divided into five sections, each closing with a doxology. The titl…

Sermons 8 - 11: Luke 3:10-23

In Commentary on the Gospel of Luke, Sermons 1-11

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Cyril Of Alexandria

Sermons 1-11 cover the Gospel of St Luke 1:1 - 3:23. - Summary by the Reader

The Argument

In Homilies on Hebrews

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St. John Chrysostom

Let us then stretch our mind towards Heaven, let us be held fast by that desire, let us clothe ourselves with spiritual fire, let us gird …

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