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Dissenting Opinion, Part 1

In Trial of the Major War Criminals Before the International Military Tribunal, Nu…

Read by Ann Boulais

International Military Tribunal

Recognizing the importance of establishing for history an authentic text of the Trial of major German WWII war criminals, the International …

03 - Christmas Cards

In Mince Pie

Read by Ann Boulais

Christopher Morley

Mince Pie is a compilation of humorous sketches, poetry, and essays written by Christopher Morley. Morley sets the tone in the preface: &quo…


In Insect Stories

Read by Ann Boulais

Vernon Kellogg

These 13 essays explore the fascinating world of insects all around us. Vernon Kellogg, an eminent entomologist and natural story teller, an…

The First Blue-Stocking Part 1

In Shirley

Read by Ann Boulais

Charlotte Brontë

Shirley is an 1849 social novel by the English novelist Charlotte Brontë. It was Brontë's second published novel after Jane Eyre (…

Preface 1

In The Interior Castle

Read by Ann Boulais

St. Teresa of Avila

El Castillo Interior or Las Moradas (trans.:The Interior Castle or The Mansions) was written by Saint Teresa of Ávila in 1577. After …

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