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08 - Eerste deel, hoofdstuk VIII

In Zielenschemering

Read by Anna Simon

Louis Couperus

Zielenschemering, het derde boek uit de romancyclus De Boeken der Kleine Zielen van Louis Couperus, beschrijft een volgende periode uit het …

14 - Ch 24: Trajan's Principate (98-117 A.D.) Sect. II & III

In The Students’ Roman Empire part 2, A History of the Roman Empire from Its Found…

Read by Anna Simon

John Bagnell Bury

The writings of J. B. Bury, on subjects ranging from ancient Greece to the 19th-century papacy, are at once scholarly and accessible to the …

15 - Book 1, Chapters 38 - 40

In Amadis of Gaul

Read by Anna Simon

Vasco de Lobeira and Vasco De Lobeira

Amadis of Gaul (Amadís de Gaula, in Spanish) was not the first, but certainly one of the best known knight-errantry tales of the 16th…

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