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The Relentless City

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E. F. Benson

A satiric novel of manners written in Benson's classic style of gently poking fun at class structures and the people who fill them. This tim…

Rambles in New Zealand

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John Carne Bidwill

John Carne Bidwill came out to Sydney in 1838 to represent his family's mercantile business. Finding that he had time on his hands he decide…

The Moral Obligation to be Intelligent and Other Essays

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John Erskine

In different ways the four essays set forth one theme—the moral use to which intelligence might be put, in rendering our admirations and our…

Our New Zealand Cousins

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James Inglis

A travelogue of a trip through New Zealand in 1885 with panegyric descriptions of the scenery, elucidations of the progress the country had …

Banking Under Difficulties

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George Ogilvy Preshaw

An account of life on the Goldfields of Victoria, New South Wales, and New Zealand by a Bank Official.At the present time—1888—it may appear…

The Divorce of Catherine of Aragon

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James Anthony Froude

"The story as told by the Imperial Ambassadors resident at the Court of Henry VIII" (subtitle). Froude weaves his tale from a wide…


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E. W. Hornung

Ten tales of the adventures of an Australian Bushranger - (Summary by Beeswaxcandle)

The Man in the Panther's Skin

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Shota Rustaveli

Georgian mediæval epic poem written in the time of the Golden Age of Queen Tamar. Couched in the chivalric language of the 12th Centur…

Clergymen of the Church of England (Version 2)

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Anthony Trollope

Anthony Trollope describes with his characteristic wit the different types of clergymen commonly found in 19th century Britain. - Summary by…

Letters from New Zealand 1857–1911

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Henry William Harper

"Being some Account of Life and Work in the Province of Canterbury, South Island." A set fo 26 letters covering the Author's perio…

Tracts for the Times, Volume 1

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Published between 1833 and 1841, the 90 Tracts were written by various members of "The Oxford Movement". They cover various aspect…

The Fifth String

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John Philip Sousa

A novella telling of the love between a virtuoso violinist and a beautiful woman. He has a violin with five strings, but he never plays on t…

Hokitika, New Zealand: The Birth of a Borough

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A pamphlet version of four papers on the beginnings of the town and borough of Hokitika on the West Coast of the South Island of New Zealand…

Christmas in the Heart - Read by BWC

In Christmas in the Heart

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Paul Laurence Dunbar

LibriVox volunteers bring you 14 recordings of Christmas in the Heart by Paul Laurence Dunbar.This was the Fortnightly Poetry project for De…