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Five Cent Balloons

In LibriVox 5th Anniversary Collection Vol. 1

Read by Betsie Bush

Carl Sandburg

What do you do for a fifth anniversary? We decided to have a collection of short works with a difference. We challenged our readers to find …

Chapter 18

In The Mystery (LibriVox NaNoWriMo novel 2006)

Read by Betsie Bush

Written and recorded by Betsie Bush and Librivox Volunteers

The idea was to write a whole novel in the month of November, based on the guidelines of the National Novel Writing Month. The twist is that…

03 - Looking-Glass Insects

In Through the Looking-Glass

Read by Betsie Bush

Lewis Carroll

Through the Looking Glass, the sequel to Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, was written in 1872 and it finds Alice in a land …

Baked Beans: a serio-humorous medical paper

In Short Nonfiction Collection Vol. 023

Read by Betsie Bush

Ephraim Cutter

A collection of short nonfiction works in the public domain. The selections included in this collection were independently chosen by the rea…

Chapter 3

In The Madman and The Pirate

Read by Betsie Bush

R.M. Ballantyne and R. M. Ballantyne

R. M. Ballantyne (April 24, 1825 – February 8, 1894) was a Scottish juvenile fiction writer. Born Robert Michael Ballantyne in Edinburgh, h…

Preface & Kate Lancaster's Plan

In Deephaven

Read by Betsie Bush

Sarah Orne Jewett

Sarah Orne Jewett is best known for her clean and clear descriptive powers that at once elevate common-place daily events to something remar…

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