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Book 1, Chapter 10

In The Bostonians, Vol. 1 & 2

Read by Bruce Pirie

Henry James

This bittersweet tragicomedy centers on an odd triangle of characters: Basil Ransom, a political conservative from Mississippi; Olive Chance…

Act 3

In The Doctor's Dilemma

Read by Bruce Pirie

George Bernard Shaw

The Doctor's Dilemma is about Dr. Colenso Ridgeon, who has recently been knighted because of a miraculous new treatment he developed for tub…

Rode NT1A

In Microphone Showdown 2

Read by Bruce Pirie

William Wordsworth

This is a project which will allow readers and listeners to compare the recording quality of a wide variety of recording devices. It is a se…

Bk 2 Ch 1-2

In Les Misérables, Volume 5

Read by Bruce Pirie

Victor Hugo, transl. Hapgood and Victor Hugo

This is book 5 of 5. An ex-convict breaks parole and starts a new life as a righteous man, but is pursued by a police inspector. Along the w…

Book 3, Chapter 5

In Anna Karenina, Book 3

Read by Bruce Pirie

Leo Tolstoy

Anna Karenina tells of the doomed love affair between the sensuous and rebellious Anna and the dashing officer, Count Vronsky. Tragedy unfol…

Act 3

In Ghosts

Read by Bruce Pirie

Henrik Ibsen, trans. William Archer and Henrik Ibsen

Henrik Ibsen's Ghosts was first published in 1881 and staged in 1882, and like his earlier play A Doll's House, profoundly shocked his conte…

Janet's Repentance - 02

In Scenes of Clerical Life

Read by Bruce Pirie

George Eliot

Scenes of Clerical Life, which appeared in book form in 1858 (after serial publication in the previous year), was the first published fictio…

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